Three Years On . . .

 Tuesday, 27 October 2009
October 2009 and it’s now been three years since I became ill in September 2006. When the illness was diagnosed in February 2007, Professor Carr said that I would, most probably, have another three years of quality life left. It was the morning of 8 February 2007 when he looked at me over his desk – “Go back to PE and enjoy the next three years”, he said, “that’s all you have left.”

I set myself three goals at that stage – firstly, I wanted to see Phillip leave Grey Junior School at the end of 2008 (tick!); secondly, I wanted to attend the 25th reunion of the 1984 Grey matric class in May 2009 (tick!) and then, thirdly, I wanted to be at the valedictory service at Grey High in October 2009.

What a month October has been – an emotional rollercoaster ride!

On the evening of Sunday 11, I fell down the stairs at home and ended up at St George’s Hospital for midnight surgery. A broken right elbow (my good arm), two days in hospital and a cast for four weeks is the end result. What a mission to be reduced to two working fingers (this note being typed with those two!). The week after the fall proved to be the most difficult and challenging since my illness began. Suffice to say that my emotions were very low – the term used, I think, is feeling “down”!

However, you can’t stay down and you can’t give up. Once the pain subsided, a shower could be taken and the healing process started – both physically and mentally. Two weeks later, the pain has gone and just a bit of discomfort remains – it’s amazing what one can do with the toes! (And even more amazing at how my left arm has had to respond to the challenge – where does the dopamine come from all of a sudden?)

Thursday, last week, was the valedictory service for the matrics of 2009 – the third of my goals and,yes, tick!. With it, came the big announcement of the 2010 prefects. We were proud when Sean’s name was read amongst the group of 21. So Thursday evening meant celebratory pizza’s, Sunday we braaied with the Clarkes (Graeme is Headboy and David, is a prefect too) and Stapletons, and Monday 26 October, saw us at the Induction Ceremony and tea at the school. Graeme delivered a magnificent induction speech and we could see on Monday evening, when we went back at the school for the Toastmaster’s Evening, where it all originated. What amazing public speaking was displayed by the boys in the unprepared and prepared speeches! Grey can be so proud of its pools of talent!

I now look forward to 11 November – that’s when the splint comes off!

And I now have to reset my goals – Sean’s valedictory service and lunch at Old Grey (and Barney’s!) in October 2010 and – dare I beat the medical odds and plan so far ahead? – Valedictory 2012/2013 for Phillip!

I’ll see you there . . .

Gavin Loon
Amazing stuff Ed, we are very proud of you!!
27 October 2009 at 19:07 ·
Philip Henderson
seems you still setting your sights on new challenges ed.another reunion and as good!!! well done my friend
27 October 2009 at 19:51 ·
Jake Andrew
Congrats Ed! Your strength is makes you a role model for us all.
27 October 2009 at 22:59 ·
Kevin Whitley
Ed, you are an answered prayer! My advice, don’t set the bar too low…I’ll be happy to pitch in a few more, starting with a trip to the states!
28 October 2009 at 02:34 ·
Lindsay Lovemore
Ed, you’re a Champion !! You have many more years to go boet, keep your faith up and you will be rewarded and blessed beyond expectation !! See you soon !!
28 October 2009 at 08:46 ·
Ann Easton
This is great Ed! So glad you don’t have to do it alone – you have a fab wife and 2 beautiful boys to help you along the journey…
28 October 2009 at 09:48 ·
Paul Williams
Ed, People (i.e. doctors) can tell you 1000s of things about the future, but it is God’s purposes that prevail. You know He has gifted you with each day and you are a witness of how each day is a gift to each of us. You are an example to us all of someone living life to the full, but more, you are a wonderful man we are glad to call our friend. Keep trusting Him and see you in SA in December.
28 October 2009 at 10:08 ·
Ed Lunnon
I am humbled by the support and prayers that I receive from around the world. I stand in awe when I realize just how many eyes are upon me and the task that has been set for me – despite my so many shortcomings.

In the early hours of this morning – when I struggle to sleep with this cast! – I heard a song on the radio “Everyone hurts sometimes”. I realize again that I am not unique.

My prayer is that my disease will remind us all that we are surrounded by people who carry their varied burdens in a far less public way than I do. They are constantly in need of our assistance, support and prayers…. See more

Please support such people today and every day – then the fight is not in vain, and together we can make our world a better place.

“For it is in giving that we receive….”

29 October 2009 at 09:23 ·
Mike Begg
Ed, you are an inspiration to us all. I cannot begin to understand the depth of the emotions you must go through, but suffice to say that God in His grace will draw you near in the down times. May the goals Big or small be your motivator and may the Lord be your Guide and comforter.

You are so right that we need to be reminded that we are not… See more islands, and what/who got us to this point and what will take us further is not ourselves alone, but so many others who walk alongside us, loud or silent, strong or weak, and His Grace.

Thank You for the inspiration, you are being used for His purposes – may you know his presence and peace.

30 October 2009 at 22:15 ·
Andrew Barton
You are a huge inspiration to many Ed! There cannot be another that has so many folk out there proud to be counted as a mate by yourgoodself. Of course, there still remains the little matter of a fair number of bottles of good red to be enjoyed….and then of course out 40th reunion that you are arranging….
31 October 2009 at 05:58 ·

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