An Open Letter

Port Elizabeth
Nelson Mandela Bay
Province of the Eastern Cape
Republic of South Africa
23 March 2010




Dear Friends

In October 2009, I had been ill for almost three years. Because of the number of queries, letters and emails that I had received regarding my health, I thought I would be clever: rather than replying individually, it was just easier to write a general note to everyone.

What started as a memo to keep friends updated on the progress of my health became my first note posting on Facebook, entitled “Three Years On . . .”

However, this timesaving measure has now almost become a fulltime occupation! I am constantly being asked for more, and my notes have now grown from Facebook to my own blog site on WordPress.

So much for trying to work smart!

It is so very humbling for me to receive your e-mails, comments and feedback, not only from friends anymore, but even complete strangers. It also makes me very scared about being so much in the public eye. I am only too fallible and very aware of my many shortcomings. It was far easier being a computer and mathematics teacher than it is being seen as a life skills mentor! Often, I am the first person who needs the mentoring!

Since becoming ill, I have occasionally asked myself the question “Why me?” And, I guess, if it’s because I can make that difference in other people’s lives, then that is the answer.

Three years ago, I knew of no-one who was even familiar with the term corticalbasal degeneration. Today, it is known to hundreds of people who have been reading my notes. My illness may be rare, but I am not a unique individual. There are so many people out there who battle many different illnesses and disabilities. If, by reading my notes, you have been moved to assist someone out there, then my battle is not in vain.

I am also very pleased to advise you that our regional radio station, Algoa FM, will be running a series of programmes highlighting CBD. These will feature in the Lance Du Plessis morning slot and will commence next Wednesday 31 March 2010 at 11h20.

Thank you so very much for your comments, letters, e-mails, notes and prayers. It is becoming more difficult for me to respond to each one individually, not only because of the volumes, but also because of the paralysis and dyslexia brought on by the CBD. Rest assured that I read them all, and that I am most grateful for each and every word that you write.

Yours sincerely


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