Smell the Roses (or whatever)!

10 May 2010 … 3 years 8 months

The view of the sea from Seaview is spectacular – I suppose that’s why it’s called Seaview, dumb^a*&e!

The smell of the sea from Seaview is pungent and sometimes, like on Saturday, a little bit sweet – but the view is better – I suppose that’s why they don’t call it Seasmell!

Yes, a tripppp to (or is that at) Seaview gets one to smell the roses (or whatever)!

There are so many roses to smell in this life. There is so much for which to be thankful.

Yet, so often, we (me included – and often the worst of the we!) dwell on the negative things. We surround ourselves with negativity, which, here in South Africa – or maybe anywhere in the World for that matter – is not too difficult to find. I have previously written that life is not for sissies!

But let’s not forget to smell the roses – the simple, free, awesome pleasures that we experience each and every day. For starters, there is this blue and white spinning ball that streaks through space at some incomprehensible speed. We get to call it our Home for a short period of some 100 years, if we are lucky. (Watch the BBC series Planet Earth which I have just finished watching on DVD. It places a whole new perspective on our Home.)

Then there are the pleasures like the view from Seaview, the smell of … a bakery, the taste of … the calamari, the fish at John Dory’s, the Mother’s Day that we celebrated, the Mother that we celebrated together yesterday, the family that we have, the knowledge that whatever happens to us in this World, we are NOT alone, that there IS someone out there to help us – the list is endless!

And that’s why I have added a page to this blog – “For what we are about to receive, thank God”. Each day, starting today, I will list one positive thing that I have experienced during that day and for which I have to be so grateful. Please feel free to add to that list by making a comment (click on the page title  in the top right hand corner of the blog just above the calendar)

Yes, I am human and I am disappointed and sometimes I am discouraged. But the trick is NEVER to be defeated! MY World is in MY hands. In order not to be defeated, I have to think, plan, work and live positively. That is my daily challenge, and if I can do that, then my mind becomes positive, and my illness will not defeat me.

King David said in Psalm 73 “My mind and my body may grow weak, but God is my strength; He is all I ever need.” At night I say “God, please carry me gently through trying times. I need you most then”. He does, and for what I have received in my extraordinary life, I thank Him.

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