The Greatest Show on Earth!

23 May 2010:  3 years 8 months on . . .

Yes! The time has come.

The idea is conceived.

The concept is carefully nurtured.

Months of planning and pregnant expectation follow.

HE controls.

Then it happens!

This is  THE  Day we have been waiting for

The birthday dawns.

This is the day HE ordained.

The Announcement is made.

It’s US! It’s arrived! It’s here!

Euphoria and celebrations mark the event.

Planning continues and preparations are made.

Years go by.

The costs are high and horrendous.

Budgetting is ignored.

All the time HE is in control.

A strong framework is built to cater for all situations.

Training and more training takes place.

Milestones are achieved along the way

All in readiness

All in preparation for play to begin . . .

HE is still in control

At kick-off

You’re on your own now!

Scores of people all around

Watching, cheering, celebrating, commiserating, evaluating, oohing, aahing, watching.

Many prefer to stay on the sidelines.

Some alter the course of the show and create the play

Some watch the show   –   some make the show.

The spectacle is played according to the Rules.

Sometimes the rules are broken.

Foul – That’s not Fair!

Whistles are blown.

Cards are issued.

HE determines.


A goal is achieved

A few goals are scored

Sometime, an injury takes place

Carried off early   –  Game blown short.

Some play is good, some poor, some average or mediocre.

Some cheers and some boo’s.

Often, the unexpected happens along the way.

And then it ends . . . HE determined when.

The tally is made  . . .

Some have been won and some have been lost.

All the time HE remained in control.

Was it successful?

What was the legacy it left?

Was it Positive or Negative?

Did it make any impact?

Are the costs being counted?

Or did it leave the World a richer place?

Will it be spoken about for years to come?

It has been touted as

The Greatest Show on Earth.


The Greatest Show on Earth.


Did it please HIM?


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