Open Wide and Shout Aaaaahh: I think I’ve Been Screwed!


We had an appointment for Sean with the specialist at 16h30 this Wednesday afternoon.

After arriving at 16h10, I filled in the forms (again). And then we waited an hour an a half until 17h45.

Sean presented a synopsis of his knee problem to the specialist. He asked for the X-rays, but they were supposed to be sent up from the trauma unit and had not arrived.

Then on to the bed for an examination. On Saturday, the doctor in the trauma unit had immobilised his knee, first with dressings and bandages and then a knee brace. He had been instructed to stay on the crutches and not to put any weight on the leg. Result – one very stiff knee when the brace came off!

 “I’m sorry but I can’t look at the knee like this. I need you to bend it at least 90 if not 120 degrees!” said the specialist. “You’ll have to come back next Wednesday. In the meantime, please see the physiotherapist.”

All of this took ten minutes.

So, before leaving, we made another appointment with the receptionist.

“This one will cost you R400,” she said, “please pay now!”

“Aaaahhh,” I shouted, “I think I’ve been screwed!” In my next life I want to come back as a doctor.


4 comments on “Open Wide and Shout Aaaaahh: I think I’ve Been Screwed!

  1. Great, aren’t they! I was once sent to a knee specialist who studied my x-rays and then said
    “I can’t see anything wrong, but if you want me to, I’ll remove the cartilage.” Thanks doc, of course I’ll have some surgery just for fun and help you pay for next holiday!

    • Hi Frank

      Yes – they sure are beauts (at least some of them!) R400 for 10 mins = R2400 per hour. Crying shame when others dont even get that for a months hard labour! But unfortunately we need them too. Was wondering whether I could charge for my waiting time of 90 minutes!

      Thanks for all the good work you do there in York. What a lovely place to live and work.
      Regards to you and your family.

  2. Hi Ed, arent we to familiar with this. They know that if you dont want to make use of the state’s facilities you are going to have to pay. Matthew has to see the specialist twice a year in order to get his script (shcedule 6 and 7 meds) as without that he cant get his meds. We dont have medical aid so I have to pay R600 upfront for 15-20mins to see if he’s growth is still ok and if there are any new issues we have. Then off to the pharmacy for his meds (he has 3 diff tabs to take and the cost R1200.00 every month – also paying out of our pocket as you wait at the state hospital for days and when your turn comes just to be told sorry there is no stock.
    Take care all the best

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