Gees – a recipe for a good South African favourite!


A not-so-easy recipe that takes time to prepare but can have amazing results if prepared properly


  • 1 Large Container with green base to fit between 45 000 and 90 000 people (1 container is sufficient but 10 are even better)
  • Two large white box-like nets on either side of base
  • Between 30 000 and 90 000 people to watch (spectators)
  • Two groups of 11 people each  – each group of a different colour (players)
  • 3 referees in black
  • 1 Jabulani ball (and a few spare)
  • Thousands of Vuvuzelas (as many as possible)
  • Many hands to assist with preparations
  • Vehicles of all sorts to get everything together
  • Flags, scarves, shirts, hats, specs, face paint and anything else for decoration
  • Drinks to taste (Alcohol preferred but not essential)


  • Using a warm temperature is preferable
  • Put spectators in vehicles, mix thoroughly and then transfer into large container ensuring each is in appropriate place on sides of large container
  • Put two groups of players on green base facing each other
  • Add 3 referees on base
  • Carefully put ball in centre
  • Mix thoroughly referees, players and ball
  • Try to get ball in white nets on each side of base
  • Do so as often as possible, but remove each time you succeed and start again
  • Spectators scream, shout, blow, jump and keep a careful eye on mixture
  • Do so especially loudly and boisterously when ball enters nets
  • After 45 minutes remove players from base (add a few minutes if required)
  • Let cool for 15 minutes
  • Then replace players on base carefully ensuring that each group takes the place previously occupied by the previous group
  • Repeat the method of mixing as above for a further 45 minutes (or additional minutes if required)
  • Remove all players and spectators from large container and store indefinitely in individual smaller containers
  • Storage time depends on how thoroughly mixture has been prepared: the better the preparation, the longer the GEES lasts


If method is followed 3 times daily for 30 days, then sufficient GEES should be made for:

  • At home: 40 million servings
  • Eating out: Can also be delivered in smaller portions via TV to others worldwide – in which case it’s possible to share with 6 billion people

(Saturday 19 June 2010: 3 years 9 months on . . . )