NEIL DIAMOND LIVE @ Nelson Mandela Stadium Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth on Friday 8 April 2011
I will sponsor 2 tickets: Leave a comment below telling us about a person you know who is dealing with a “Life Challenge” and why you believe that person should receive the tickets. Please leave your contact details.

Algoa FM and Big Concerts are incredibly excited to announce that Neil Diamond will be performing LIVE in South Africa for the very first time during April 2011.  One of the most anticipated live music events ever seen on these shores, Neil Diamond will be performing four shows in the new stadiums built for the FIFA Soccer World Cup –including the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

The tour kicks off on the 2nd of April at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, 5th April at the Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban, 8th April at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth and ending on 11th April at the Cape Town Stadium.

Algoa FM Programme Director Alfie Jay says: “We are just thrilled at the prospect of hosting an artist of this calibre in the Eastern Cape during our 25th birthday celebrations – Neil Diamond is a legendary songwriter.”  Over the course of a career that kicked in with the rush of “Cherry Cherry” in 1966 and continues to crescendo nearly four decades later, Neil Diamond has never failed to surprise and delight fans with fresh approaches to music that moves him the most deeply. Across the years, his songs and his unmistakable voice continue transforming his concerts into nothing less than standing room only communal celebrations, intimate encounters between the artist and his millions of fans. He has sold over 120 million albums and set box office records at major venues all over the world.

Across a musical career stretching nearly 50 years, Neil Diamond has sold more than 128 million albums worldwide. He has charted a staggering 37 Top 10 singles and 18 Top 10 albums. In September 2010, it was announced that Neil Diamond is nominated for The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  His last studio album, “Home Before Dark” (2008), debuted at #1 in the U.S. and internationally.  His 2009 DVD, “Hot August Night/ NYC,” has been certified double platinum. A Grammy Award-winning artist, Diamond is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the highest honours bestowed upon songwriters.  Diamond’s many other achievements include a Golden Globe Award and 12 Grammy nominations. He was NARAS’s 2009 MusiCares Person of the Year.

Tickets available at Computicket from 09:00am on Saturday 9th October 2010. or 0839158000.

11 comments on “NEIL DIAMOND LIVE @ Nelson Mandela Stadium Port Elizabeth

  1. My husband Bertram Henderson is going through a huge life challenge at the moment. He is facing the worst drought in 50 years. He has just lost his father this year and with that many financial problems have arisen and he has had to make the most difficult choice by putting the farm which is his life up for sale. It has been handed down three generations and for him to do this is not an easy thing. This phase in his life is a huge challenge as he now cannot hand over the farm one day to his son and that is just devastating. I know there are far more people facing far bigger challenges but one thing about Bertram is that he just keeps going on no matter what faces him and he always gives of his best in everything he does and I believe that for all the giving that he has given all his life to be able to get something back to bless him would be just wonderful for him. I truly hope that you will find him worthy of these tickets. Neil Diamond is both his and my all time favourite. Regards his forever wife Wendy

  2. Neil Diamond the lifesaver…
    My girlfriend is a single mother studing fulltime at NMMU and is in her 2nd year.
    Raising a 8 year old & studying fulltime makes late nights & early mornings and 4hrs sleep
    standard. Being a fulltime student, mother, daughter & fiance’ is a challenge of note.
    Seeing the passion & commitment from her and overcoming lifes challenges with a positive and never give up attitude makes her more than worthy.
    I am I said…Sweet Caroline…blue jeans talk…pretty amaizing grace makes the trips to class
    worthwile and takes the edge of worrying about petrol prices, lunch money, bills and studyloans.
    Regards & thx

  3. I believe the my dear Mother, now 81 yrs, who are a Breast Cancer Survivor deserve to have the oppertunity to see this Neil Diamond show in Port Elizabeth on his Tour during 2011 in SA.

  4. Hello 🙂

    My dad, Mike, is the ultimate Neil Diamond fan, I honestly think he owns every DVD & CD that Neil Diamond has ever made. When a Neil Diamond song comes on his faces literally lights up, he grabs my hand and we hit the dance floor in full force!! He has always said that watching Neil Diamond live is he ultimate dream. He is currently going through a major life changing experience. He is at the moment in the war in Afganistan working in security. He has been deployed to the worst area in the North, my heart dropped when I heard, of all the places, he had to get that one, I said to myself!! But he still stays positive when we manage to talk to him which sets our minds a bit at ease. What he has experienced while being over there we only watch in the movies, saving children that have had a bomb blow up within meters of them, keeping them calm and helping in everyway he can!! I know that those people have the best person over there to assist them, I am so proud of him!! He returns to South Africa in December and I couldnt think of a better “Welcome home” present then to give him a ticket to watch his hero live!! Please help my dads dream come true, after everything he has gone through while being over in Afganistan I believe he is the perfect condidate for these tickets.

    A Proud Daughter

  5. Hi Mr Lunnon
    (I think I left this comment in the wrong place so I have pasted it here again)
    I thought I would leave a comment about 2 people who are realy special to me.
    My son has a very rare degenerative disease called spino cerebellar degeneration. He was diagnosed when he was about 4 years old. The disease is a very cruel one and is robbing him of all his dignity, mobility, speach and even friends. Life is indeed difficult for him and everyday is a real challenge. He is currently 16 years old and attends Queens College school in Queenstown. Last year he started using an electric wheelchair for the first time. Every day there seems to be some new challeng as the degeneration continues relentlessly.There is however another hero in this story. George has a 14 year old sister. While she is not medicaly affected by this condition, she definately feels the effects of it in her life. Kelley goes out of her way to make sure that her brother is involved in a group of friends. When there are no other friends she is there for him and cares for him. As you know a good support base is critical for people who have serious conditions of any sort. Everyone is always so interested in asking about how George is and know him by name, but few people even see Kelley quietly standing in the background, helping him in and out of his chair or steadying him when he is standing. George is a very brave young man who is faceing an extream challeng and my daughter, Kelley, is the hero in the background.

    • Hi Anthony – thanks for your note (X2!) I pray for your family and especially for George and Kelley.

      It is only when we have these challenges thrust upon us that we realise the full impact on our families and those who have to care for us. Please give them all my regards, and God bless you. Hope to see you sometime when Im in Queenstown.
      Regards ED

  6. Hi Ed
    Sorry I do not have an email adress for you.
    I heard on the radio about the awarding of the tickets to my son, George and Kelley, my daughter. Thanks so very much. I can’t wait to tell them when they come out of school later today. I have left my email dress above. Please let me know more details so that I can make the necessary arrangements for travel and accomodation in time.
    Thanks again
    Anthony Marriott

  7. Hi,My brother and I suffer from MS(Multiple Sclerosis). My husband has already bought the expensive tickets for me and him because he could not get them in the dissabled section – apparently sold out. I would like recommed my mom and my brother. My motherb is 70 years old and takes me to my gym classes twice a week as I no longer drive anymore due to my health.

    • Hi Tania – sorry ..the competition closed at the end of January already.

      Thanks for submitting anyway and go well!


  8. Please note that the winner of the two tickets is George Marriot of Queenstown.

    Thanks all for entering.



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