The Miracle Man

Wed 6 October 2010: 4 years 1 month on …

Heinrich is a business associate of my brother-in-law Paul. He left Port Elizabeth and went to China on business a few weeks ago. He was perfectly healthy.

He returned to Port Elizabeth last week in an air ambulance. He is paralyzed from the neck down.

I went to visit him this afternoon at the hospital.

Despite the prognosis, he is already showing movement in his hands and arm.

He has set himself the goal of walking out of the hospital.

Heinrich, this video’s for you and we are there for you, each little step of your new way.

God bless you, my new friend!

5 comments on “The Miracle Man

  1. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for taking the time out to go see Heinrich this afternoon its much appreciated and I know it will help Heinrich as he faces an uncertain future and journey ahead. With your positive advice and his fighting spirit I am sure we will get him upwardly mobile again – he has got his arms moving which is great.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Tracy,
      Heinrich picked up a virus either here or in China, the virus went through his skin and formed an abscess on his spinal cord, the presure built up by this affected his nervous system in his spine, net result is his current condition. He was showering one morning and all of a sudden he went lame in his one arm and two hours later he was paralised from the neck down There are signs of improvement, you could say he has about 60 to 80% control of his right arm, where as in the beginning he had 10%, which is the current condition of his left arm, so we all hope that the left arm starts improving too – one step at a time>

  2. Hey Ed
    I used to run leadership training in the Clicks group and I always showed this video – little did I know that we would still have to face Bruce’s car accident. I always remembered this story and even though Bruce and I were just 25 and married for less than a year, I never ever gave up hope that he would make a full recovery (which he did, even though he still claims to have BD {Brain Damage} when it suits him to have a reason to forget something!!!!!! :-)) . I still talk about Bruce as My miracle man and I wish Heinrich and his family many miracles too.
    With love,
    Fi xxx

  3. Hi Ed, please let your friend Heinrich know that I’m rooting and praying for him. We seldom get to control what happens to us in life. The only control we have is how we react to it. This guy in your video reacted in a very inspiring manner! May we all similar find the strength and courage to deal with our challenges gracefully. With love, Sonja

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