Old and Grumpy

Sunday 2 January 2011: 4 years 4 months on …

Like many other South Africans, we have spent the summer holiday period at the coast. For us, we come to St Francis Bay, which, despite only being one hour’s drive from home in Port Elizabeth, is as close to Paradise and as far away from the city rush as one would like to be.

Normally! But this time of the year is not time that is remotely normal! It is definitely not business as usual!

St Francis grows from a coastal hamlet of a few hundred people to a town of many thousands – all coming for that brief elusive getaway from their normal rushed daily lives.

But, …

Are holidaymakers justified when they do as they please and break every rule –those written and those unwritten – just because they have bigger voices, bigger vehicles, bigger boats and bigger bank balances (possibly even bigger overdrafts)?

Are local businesses justified when they increase their rates and charge tenfold more for every product and service they offer at this time of the year?

Is the next generation of people that we have created justified in believing that their sole function on this earth (and the only way that they can be happy on this earth) is to drink up each night every available drop of alcohol that they can find?

Am I justified in thinking something is radically wrong in our society today, or is my illness getting to me or am I just becoming old and grumpy?

What do you think?

3 comments on “Old and Grumpy

  1. WHile we were there I just saw everyone having so much fun. I think that St Francis Bay is unique in that it is a holiday resort town with very few permanent residents and no industry as such. THis ensures that the locals don’t get grumpy when there is an influx of holiday makers at this time of the year. Very different from Jeffreys where they get so rude and bash their trolleys into you because you are spoiling their peace and quiet. And road rage that I have experienced in Plett where everyone fights for the last parking place.

    You usually love the vibe too, all the boats on the canals, the Christmas lights. You are not old and grumpy………. maybe just a bad day 🙂

  2. Thank you for “morning has broken” I had tears running down my face this morning at work. I would love to hear it again. thanks K

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