5 comments on “ED is in wED 12 January 2010: AlgoaFM Broadcast

  1. Dear Ed,
    Thankyou for your wonderful last posting. I have CBD and I haven’t been able to find the words about how I am feeling. You have articulated it beautifully. The waiting, the despair, the acceptance, then the denial, then the acceptance again, the despair again and the waiting again. A horrible merry-go-round. I can now show my family your posting, so they can now hopefully understand what I am going through.
    Thank you

    • Thanks Alison for reading my notes and taking time to reply.

      You are the first person with CBD to respond to my notes – I guess only we will understand!

      I will write to you directly at your email address.

      Live Life!


      • Dear Ed, Thank you for replying to me. Whilst checking my emails I accidently deleted all my emails with my jerky fingers. So if you have replied, can you please do it again.

        With thanks

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