One comment on “Ed is in wED 12 January 2011: AlgoaFM Broadcast

  1. HI Ed, thanks for your excellent analogy of the battery, the flex and the light bulb, explaining how these degenerative diseases work. I often find that people misunderstand my condition (MSA) as well. They see me in the wheelchair and expect me to be completely paralysed, which is not the case. Despite having great difficulty walking, I can still, whilst sitting, lift my leg higher than most people. I also made the analogy of having a computer and a printer. When the cord between the computer and the printer is disconnected, the printer stops working, but the computer is in perfect working condition. This is what happens to people with spinal cord injuries. In the case of degenerative brain diseases it is the processer of the computer that is faulty, so in time the whole system is affected. Because the problem is with the brain structure, the brain is unable to efficiently utilise the big dose of dopamine that I am taking. Regards, Sonja

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