2 comments on “About Corticalbasal Degeneration

  1. Hi Ed
    I have for some time now wanting to visit your blog after hearing your interesting chats on Algoa FM each Wednesday.
    From the odd times that I have been in my vehicle with the radio on I have heard portions of your discussions on air and have realised blessing can come true, especiously in your case.
    I of course will have to perhaps wait some time for my family to forgive me for my misgiving some 20 years ago, but I still have the hope that one day this will happen.
    Please keep up the interesting programme on each Wednesday, I hope to be in a postion to listen to what you have on the go next week in your life.
    Greeting to your wonderful wife….I will always remember her delightful laugh at the supper invites we used to enjoy so much. The boys I have gathered a all grown up now and of course making you both proud parents.
    What a wonderful gift that you received this week from Algoa FM and COOL Projects….

    Good luck for the future.
    Cheers Trevor

    • Hi Trevor

      It’s been so good hearing from you – certainly been a long time, and sad under these circumstances. But, I reckon God gives us all second chances, and makes use of these opportunities to open the doors again. It gets very lonely here, so please come visit sometime – still the same place (lol – now with aircon thanks to Cool projects and Algoa!) and who knows, there may even be a cold beer in the fridge! Thanks for listening and for taking the time to write! Regards ED

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