Ed Lunnon is a Happy Traveller

Wednesday 16 February 2011: 4 years 5 months on …

Ed Lunnon is a happy traveller.

On Thursday 8 February 2007 he was in Cape Town, South Africa, but this time on a very different journey.

 At 9h00 he walked into the neurologist’s office and when he walked out, it was the beginning of a trip unlike any other he had previously undertaken.

 After five months of medical tests, a degenerative neurological disease called corticalbasal degeneration had been diagnosed. This illness would progressively melt down his body until he would become severely incapacitated.

He was told to return to his home in Port Elizabeth and to enjoy the next three years of quality life remaining.

 His personal diary documenting that poignant final journey was shared with his friends and family initially by e-mail and later through Facebook. By popular request, his private thoughts became public domain through a blog site, BrainStorms, and a weekly radio programme, ED is in wED, with presenter Lance du Plessis of AlgoaFM. The natural progression was to this website, Live.Life.

 These activities, and the public support in reaction to them, has sustained and encouraged Ed along the difficult steps of that journey of saying farewell to a beloved world in which he has so enjoyed travelling.

Hopefully, the time you spend travelling through this website and blogsite, accompanying Ed on his final journey, will encourage you to Live.Life each and every day, and to remind you to embrace the delicate, transient moments of our lives.

After all, our lives and the people that we share our moments with – our family, friends and even ourselves – are but fleeting joys.

 But we never lose the time we spend enjoying them. It is time that assists us to conquer our fears of our final earthly trip – of facing death and leaving behind those whom we have loved and with whom we have shared that time.

“And if we can conquer our fears, we can conquer anything.”


Be an ACE …

Live and leave      A  bundantly
Laugh                    C  ontinuously
Love                     E  ndlessly

To succeed in Life, you need a Wishbone, a Backbone and a Funnybone

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