Conversations Down Under (5)

E-Mail Conversations with Alison Bevon – CBD Survivor South Australia

27 April 2011 – Freedom Day

Dear Ed,
I am sorry I  haven’t emailed you for a while, but my health hasn’t been the best and sitting down and typing was very hard and I admire you so much to be able to do it week after week and sometimes more.   I have been having trouble with my eyes, they don’t seem to able to cope with daily life, such as reading, writing, watching television or just watching general movement of people.  I have to wear an eye mask most of the day.
My ears are not coping with any noise.  I find it better wearing earplugs, to dull the noise. So listening to the radio, which was the only thing I was enjoying, is now gone.  My doctor said my brain wasn’t coping with all the stimulation of the noise and sights.  So now I have to try and block most things out. 
My body aches continually, and I get so out of breath and as much as I want to keep denying these things are happening, they are gradually wearing me down.   A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t keep my eyes open at all.  So now with wearing my eye mask it has allowed me to keep my eyes open a few hours a day, and now this is all I can manage to type, because the weariness just overcomes me.
Anyway keep up the good work that you do for as long as you can.  My husband reads me your postings, we look forward to them and your radio segments and please convey our condolences to Lance on the passing of his father.
All for now

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