You Raise Me Up – Thanks Again!


 The purpose of my blog site is to raise awareness of corticalbasal degeneration (CBD) – a relentless, progressive, degenerative neurological illness that leads to complete paralysis. There is no cure and there is no treatment. A person with CBD becomes unable to walk, talk and to use their hands. Within a relatively short period, that person dies from pneumonia.


Four years ten months ago, when I became ill, I had never heard of the illness. No one I knew had heard of the illness. Not even my GP had heard of the illness!

Then, four years five months ago, on 8 February 2007, I was diagnosed with that illness.

Why me?

Because, through the talents that God has given me, I am now able to make a difference in other people’s lives. I am still able to talk and type, I am able to use my radio programme and I am able to write my blogs. I am able to raise awareness of not only CBD, but of all kinds of illnesses, disabilities and challenges with which people have to live.

I am so excited that as of today, 11 June 2010, my blog site has been visited more than 24 000 times! That means there are now so many more people worldwide who have become aware of corticalbasal degeneration.

May I be as bold as to ask you to help me celebrate this milestone by

  • Thanking your Creator for giving you Life
  • Thanking Him for giving you good health (if you are fortunate to be in this position)
  • Thinking about and praying for someone who has ill-health and for their loved ones and care-givers
  • Taking yourself out to visit that person or taking that person out to do something different

Thank you for your prayers, your support, your interest, your caring, your concern and your love. You raise me up.