CRAIG CONDON – A Tribute by Mandy Hall Tuck

This tribute was read on “ED is in wED” – broadcast on AlgoaFM on Wednesday 22 June 2011


18 June 2011 

Dear Ed 

My name is Mandy.

I stay in Uitenhage and listen to your programme every week and receive your emails.

I would like to share with you something that happened this week in Uitenhage….

It’s about a young man named Craig Condon. He celebrated his 21st birthday this year in February.

Craig was born with muscular dystrophy, a beautiful baby with huge eyes and a lovely smile. He was in grade one when he was diagnosed.

He has an older sister, Kerry Lynne, who is 26 and is now blind and has celebral palsy.

Craig has been an awesome young chap, and living in a close community, everyone knows him.

His mother is a hairdresser, and when you visit the hairdresser, he would come in and out in his motorised wheelchair – just a normal teenager, wanting the latest games, hair styles and enjoying life.

He went over to Disneyworld,  Florida when he was 8 and just last year some wonderful friends paid for him to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea and to visit Derby in England, where he met a young man with the same illness.

What a wonderful young man, always a smile, despite knowing that he would never walk again, and that one day he was going to pass away.

He passed away on Youth Day last week, aged 21.

I pay tribute to his parents, Michelle and Allan, my sister Kerry and my niece Trevlyn for always being there for Craig….nothing was ever too much trouble for them.

Everyone is going to miss Craig so much. We are so thankful for the 21 years that he spent with us all.

Thanks for listening and I wish YOU all the best, knowing like Craig did, that every day is a gift.

Thank you and God Bless


Mandy Hall Tuck