Geography by Mike Lacey-Smith

The miracles of learning, nature, science and technology have clearly proven that we live on a round planet.  Our forefathers and those that lived in less enlightened times believed that the world was flat, and that if we travelled too far w…e could literally fall off the edge!
Everything in life is cyclical!  The seasons through which we travel every year may change in their extremes, but they never waver from the program.  Seasons will come and go and the transitions between them are inevitable.
“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” Ivy Baker Priest
We need, as people, to honour transitions in our lives.  There are endings and beginnings, but the transitions are the hardest to manage.  Indeed the world is round and we will not fall off if we become aware that changes are inevitable, both good and not so good.
What we see as the ‘end of the world’ may well bring new beginnings, new opportunities and fantastic joy.  In essence, we need to be patient with the world and with ourselves. The perceived grief and loss in the now may just be the spark of the new, the birth of more than that for which we had ever wished.
So today, live the transitions and don’t lose the truth of the moment.
Have a beginning type of day today!

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