Keep the Faith

A single burning candle is vulnerable to the elements. It has the faith that it can persist and do its job, that it can burn bright irrespective of the challenges. We all know that we are as vulnerable in this life as a candle burning in the dark surrounded by threats.
A single gust of wind may be enough to extinguish the flame.  The faith in its ability may not be strong enough to resist the storm as its flame is exposed.  As people, we have a far greater fire that burns within us.  It is protected by ourselves and the ones that we love and who love us.
“The moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.”  James Baldwin
Keeping the faith with other people is all we have to give.  In troubled times, people should gather together and keep the fire burning at all costs.  Difficult times call for extra effort; they demand determined commitment and selfless care.  The bonds of faith that bind us together in common causes need to be strengthened not weakened in everything we do.
We as a band of people are all we have in the face of adversity.  Abandoning the cause, looking out for ourselves only will inevitably let the storms overwhelm us and expose the protected fire within us to the elements.  Breaking the faith reduces us and others to being as candles.
So today, kindle the fire within you and protect the fire that burns within others.
Have a great day today!

(Written by and Thanks to Mike Lacey-Smith)