Morning everyone! 

I am not sure if it is the same for you, but every time I seem to peer into my wallet in the vain hope that it has magically refilled itself, it hasn’t!   We carry around with us a money and identity carrier, a wallet or a purse.  Sadly so many people link their identity directly to the money they have.

When I go into my wallet, the money may not be plentiful, but the hand-made card form my son (who has an awesome sense of humour) is there!  It says, “Happy Birthday Dad from the best son in the world”.  I cherish that little piece of cardboard with his handwriting on it, it has real value!

“Wallets are the fabricated items into which we put our fabricated money, which most people believe to be their possession of the realest value.” Terri Guillemets

The money is fabricated, the wallet is too! They are things, just money and a container.  We would all like more of these things, but no amount of money can give us joy, contentment and the beautiful connections with our world and the people that we love.

As Terri Guillemets says too, “Sunshine has no budget, the sea no red tape.” Standing in the warm sun’s rays is a bathing for the spirit as a hug from a friend or loved one, and both are free.  We need to fill our ‘real’ life wallets with memories, dreams, hopes, love, savings of joy and an identity card that states that you are a citizen of life that needs to be truly lived every day!

Today, invest in your self belief, spend you energy wisely and fill your wallet with life’s moments.

Have a good day today!

(with thanks to and written by Mike Lacey-Smith)

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