Hello everyone!

Life is full of hello’s and goodbyes.  It makes sense somehow to enjoy the hello’s and manage the goodbyes.  When we lose someone in our lives it is always terribly hard, and we carry the burden of grief with us in every living moment.

The goodbyes, unfortunately, are part of this journey that we walk every day.  Everyone has had to say goodbye sometime either physically or emotionally to those whom we love. It is terribly hard and the pain seems unbearable.  Grief and loss is a process, and we need to respect the time and give ourselves the grace and space to let go and move on.

“I’ve got dreams in hidden places and extra smiles for when I’m blue.” Author Unknown

We need to cherish the hello’s.  Too often we get caught up in the hurly-burly of life and forget to enjoy the moments that we have been given in the now and don’t stop to reflect on the good moments that have passed.  Every good memory is stored and we can draw on them any time that we wish to do so.

Our neurology goes back to the fantastic moments and we relive them as if they are in the present, now that is a gift!  Our dreams and goals are also lived as if they are happening right now too!  Both good dreams and awesome memories bring smiles to our faces and spirits in hard times.

Today, use your magnificent mind to go to good places and try not to fall into the sad spaces as they will only bring you down.

Have a better day today.

(with thanks to and written by Mike Lacey-Smith)