Tuesday 6 September 2011

LUNNON – After 21 years,  Ed Charles and Pera Claire happily wish to announce the safe arrival in Port Elizabeth on Monday 5 September 2011 of Charles IV (Charlie) from Graaff-Reinet – a puppy for Sean Charles and Phillip John.

Our grateful thanks to Dr and Mrs Jack Russell, Graham and Helen Harris and all at Tandjiesview for their role in making this delivery possible.

The boys are very excited, grandma is apprehensive and grandpa is recovering from shock!


3 comments on “BIRTHS

    • Thanks Sonja …. it’s quite a change … like having babies all over again!

      Happy 1st anniversary! I admire you for your strength … we’ll celebrate the next one and the next and the next …

      Lots of love from PE!


  1. Hi Ed
    We hope that Charlie iv brings you all lots and lots of joy,happiness and companionship!! All puppies, like small children, will test you to the limit, but as you know, are so rewarding when they grow up!! (High five to Sean & Phillip).

    Who knows, he too may grow up to be the mayor in your neighbourhood like Charlie ala Villiers Rd!
    Graham, Helen & the Tandjiesview girls

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