Conversations Down Under (6)

E-Mail Conversations with Alison Bevon – CBD Survivor South Australia

27 September 2011
Dear Ed,
I haven’t been in contact with you recently because I haven’t been well.  
I was put in our hospice for 3 weeks after i developed swollen legs and ankles with a very nasty rash on my right leg.
Our hospice is combined with the hospital here and they performed  some investigation procedures and they found I had small blood clots in the small veins in my legs.
Things went from bad to worse in the ensuing days.  I developed a chest infection and fever and lost quite a bit of my memory.I also lost my ability to swallow correctly and I could only move the food around in my mouth and could not talk properly.   Visitors came and went but I don’t remember who or when. But gradually the intravenous antibiotics started to work and it all took a turn for the better.
Only now I have lost the  use of my feet, my toes curl up and they put me off balance.  So now walking is impossible and i am beginning to understand how this disease works. 
It gives you a little bit of hope when things start going well and you feel like you are making progress, then the world comes tumbling down again and you have to start all your recovery over again. 
I was treated so well at the hospice that I know when the final stages of this disease takes hold that I will be very well looked after.  So my treatment now is rest, very gentle physio exercises and nothing to over stimulate my brain because it just cant take it.
You seem to be coping well with this disease and I hope you keep on doing so.
Love to you and your family

2 comments on “Conversations Down Under (6)

  1. Hi Alison, just want to tell you that i think you are so brave. Keep holding on and know that God loves you, He is with you where ever you are. I pray that yu will have a very peaceful day and lots of joy. Annalise

  2. Hi Ed
    I have heard a number of your converstations on Radion Algoa and you always talk positively. That is great. It is only a person who has God in his/her life that talks with a smile. I see the smile without having to look.
    You mentioned that you tend to have short term memory losses. Your brain needs oxygen and stimulants to activate those sells. It appears that the blood flow to your brain is hampered and it could be that your blood is to thick or because of your inactiveness. I don’t know what medications you use as I am sure that you use many for your disease. I would possibly add Bayers Aspirin if you do not use it already. This thins your blood which and will run through your brain quicker thus feeding the brain with oxygen. Another option is to use Niacin (B3) vitamin (from Solal Technologies) just after a meal. This causes a flush feeling, which is not so bad, but widens the arteries for a while which will assist with the blood flow. This will also get rid of cholestrol in the veins at the same time. Another natural product which I have used for many years now is Barley Life from AIM. It is a complete natural product and it builds your immunity. It contains vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. It works wonders. My mom (81)who has just recently been in hospital with pheumonia and also suffers from Asthma nearly passes away. When I realized she was going backwards at a terrible pace, I took the Barley Life and gave her some. I told her to use it three time daily and the next day I could see the difference. Even the nurses went to her to find out what she has been using as they could not believe the improvement in her condition. I don’t know if you have ever been for acupuncture treatments. There are a few treatment points for poor memory. I don’t know if you have one of those electronic stimulating units which can be used extensively. You can treat yourself for many things/ailments. It works great and is very easy. I can supply you with treatment points if you so desire. There are many sicknesses that you can treat with acupuncture. What is does is to open your neuro paths which then brings the body to normal function. Blocked neuro paths creates a lot of problems as you can imagine as your brain does not get the proper signals and cannot therefore act properly. Although I am not an acupuncturist, I have been experimenting with it for many years now (+/- 35yrs) and have seen some great results.
    I have treated people with total nervous breakdowns, Diarrhoea, Hiccups, Pains, Hand Arthritis, Gum problems, Sinus, Allergies, Nausea, Cramps, Back pains, Bladder infections, Fever etc with great success. The old saying is true, you are whatever you put in your body. Stress also causes 85% of all sicknesses. At the end of the day, a proper diet, exercise and breathing deep helps to have a healthy body. Your mind is also very powerful and can either kill you or keep you alive. By being positive like I have heard you on the radio, is great and you should keep it up. It will help you. The final thought, God loves you and He appreciates your positve talks. We just need to be ssure that we are doing what He expects from us. God will only respond to prayers after His will has been done. Heb 10:36. If you want more information regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask for it.
    May you have a blessed day full of joy and happiness.
    God bless you.
    Frank Nilson (

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