The Cape of Good Hope: Day 2 (Sun)

QuantcastFriday 14 October 2011: 5 years 1 month on … Advantage ED
The holiday agenda for the week was penciled in as follows:

Sunday                                         Church Strand and then Lunch: Fairview Farm – Paarl

Monday morning                            MSA 1km walk – Strand beach  

Monday afternoon                          High Tea – Mount Nelson Hotel – Cape Town

Tuesday morning                           Shopping – Factory shops:  Cape Town

Tuesday afternoon                         Ice-skating – Goodwood

Tuesday evening                           Drinks at Costa del Sol (Strand) (HHH school mates)       

Wednesday                                 AlgoaFM from Waterkloof Farm and wine tasting

Wednesday evening                      Rocking Horse Show – Durbanville (Die Boer Theatre)

Thursday                                      Trip to Robben Island

Thursday evening                           Drinks at Forrester’s Arms in Newlands (Old Greys)

Friday                                           Head off to Montagu (wine tasting)

Saturday                                       Mountain trip (Langeberg) and Potjiekos Lunch (Protea Farm)

Sunday morning                             Return to Port Elizabeth

 (Plus a list of people to see and things to do – if time allowed!)

I am busy inking in the gaps… in the meantime, look at some of the pics on the earlier blog!

Day 2 – Sunday 2 October 2011

I was baptised in The Strand Methodist Church, went to Sunday School there, and was confirmed there in 1972.

My grandfather, Walter Charles Lunnon, was a lay preacher in that Church, my parents and my aunts and uncles attended that church and, indeed, my three sisters were baptised and confirmed in the same church. The surname Lunnon has been part of the Strand Methodist Church since the early days. Alas, no more!

There are no longer Lunnons living in The Strand.

The closest family members who are still members of that church are my sister Lyn and her husband Anton (Müller) and my Aunty Doreen (my late father’s sister) and her husband Peter (Volsteedt).

When I am in The Strand on a Sunday, I always try to attend a service at MY Church.

So, while the rest of the family were sleeping, that is where I went at 09h00. Few familiar faces remain and those that do remain now have greying hair and aging skin. (I suppose that goes for all of us!) But, I feel at home there and memories of my childhood flash through my mind in between the choruses sung from the projected words (no longer hymns from the hymn book!), the prayers and the sermon. All that remains the same, are the baskets in which the Offertory is collected.

Being the first Sunday of the month, I get to share in The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion. It is a special day for me to return to my roots. I eat the Bread, drink the Cup and I am thankful for a special life that I live and a journey that I am privileged to undertake.  

   … the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said, “This is my body which is broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”  In the same way also the cup, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.”  For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

Then it was lunch time. We headed off to Fairview Farm at Agter-Paarl, together with sister Lyn and Anton, and the Ridgways. Driving through Stellenbosch, I sms’d Sebastian that he was taking the wrong route and should turn left towards Kayamandi. He then indicated that we should take the lead!

For the first time, I was taking the incorrect route and we headed off in the wrong direction! It is indicative of the fuzziness of my memory at the moment. Anyway, I had to eat humble pie, apologise eventually and let Sebastian take us to our destination.

Luckily, they had kept our table and we joined the hundreds of other diners who just kept coming and going. The food was great, the view over the winelands towards Cape Town and Table Mountain is exquisite, the cheese tasting something else and the boys reckoned it was the best meal ever!

Eventually leaving sometime after four, we dropped Sean on the way home at Helderberg residence in Stellenbosch , where he was going to spend the night with his mates Graeme Clarke and others.

Then cheese (ala Fairview) and wine for supper with the Ridgways, I visited friend Attie Boshoff and eventually it was dux time just before midnight.

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