One comment on “AlgoaFM Podcast: Wed 2 November 2011

  1. Goodness gracious, who knew? Ed, it is great to be in contact through the marvels of internet/computer technology, though I confess I am a non-geek (computer incompetent for the most part) who fears the computer and internet may turn out, in a Frankenstinian sense, the monster that will destroy us. Anyway, it is good to know where you are and a bit of what you’re about, and who knows how much we may be able to share? You’ve been in more parts of the world than I can ever hope to see, and I wonder what languages you’re learned along the way. I continue to invest hours and days piddling with guitar and trying to learn languages (these years,Spanish is my fascination — I’m studying it using CD’s, movie DVD’s, audio tapes, novels, and especially by learning songs that I can sing poorly, accompanying myself with la guitarra. I’m finding it hard to find the uninterrupted hours I need to paint or draw, but I’m well-stocked with art supplies and still able to create a reasonable quick sketch. Sorry your Colorado mountains watercolour from my hand did not vastly appreciate in the world art market. I’d estimate the frame you have it in probably triples it’s value! I’m truly thrilled to learn you not only still have it, but keep it on display as something of a prized possession. And as I see in on my laptop screen, I think to myself, “Well, well, that ain’t even half bad!” Thank you for remembering me!

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