On the Go but Slow

Friday 27 January 2012

5 years 4 months on … Deuce


Dear Friends
I have had so many wonderful e-mails and notes wishing me well,  enquiring about my health and generally showing interest in me and my family.
I appreciate each and every one of these notes, but have a problem in that, whilst I enjoy getting mail, I am simply no longer able to respond to each one individually.
I know that there are friends who feel hurt at my lack of response. However, I hope you will understand that I am not coping with all that is expected of me. 
I therefore request that you continue reading these blogs, which are a weekly update of most of the happenings in my life. You can also subscribe to this blogsite and receive an e-mail each time I write a blog. Simply add your email address in the block provided on the right hand side of the screen.
If there is something specific, I will try my best to respond to you. Generally, however, I hope that you will understand and not expect a reply to every e-mail.
Thank you most sincerely.
Kind regards

2 comments on “On the Go but Slow

  1. Hi Ed, i am sorry to hear you havent been doing so well lately. since Sean and Russ have left school we just dont get to see each other anymore, which is kind of sad, but I guess life just goes on, all so busy with our own lives. Hope your days to come get a bit easier. Please tell Pera and the boys i send lots of love.


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