Note from Wayne

Hi Ed

 I was spending some deserved time on holiday with my family down in the Eastern Cape at a place just outside East London call Glen Navar.

I turned on the radio one morning and tuned into Radio Algoa. I listened to a voice reciting a story. Even though tuning in midway, I found myself drawn to the message as well as the voice delivering such. I remember leaning across to my father in law and expressing that I knew this voice as a teacher and friend of mine at the time.

Once Lance du Plessis had extended his thanks to “Ed”, I knew it was you. I was taken aback to hear that you are ill, but at the same time motivated by your sincere, positive message and outlook to life.You are filling a necessary space with encouragement, spirit and hope that we all need to hear and experience. This I hope, in turn is helping others deal with the adversities that only life can dish out.

Thank you for making my day and for giving me and others the inspiration and courage to journey on. My family and I will follow your journey with optimism.

Regards Wayne, Cathy, Matthew and Warren

Medical Tariffs in SA affected by this court ruling

I hope you understand this:


08 November 2011

Regulation 8 ruling should prompt new era of tariff negotiation – SAMA

 While welcoming the North Gauteng High Court ruling that Regulation 8 of the Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) – that medical schemes must pay in full for all PMB conditions – SA Medical Association (SAMA) chairman, Dr Norman Mabasa, has again stressed that the Competition Commission ruling banning medical schemes and provider groups from negotiating tariffs should be revisited.

“We have spent a lot of time and effort supporting the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) in its defence of Regulation 8,” said Mabasa when commenting on the ruling which came as a result of the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) asking the court to pronounce on it almost a year ago. The BHF was later joined by the SA Municipal Workers Union National Medical Scheme in seeking to have Regulation 8 interpreted to mean that schemes must pay for PMB conditions only up to the scheme tariff, effectively changing the meaning and purpose of the PMB provisions in the Act.

“Yes, it is a victory for the CMS, for those of us who backed the CMS cause, and particularly for medical scheme members, but this is another one of those issues that should never have ended up in court,” Mabasa added.

“This was not a misunderstanding of the PMB rules,” he explained, “but a development that can be directly attributed to absolutely no mechanism being available for providers and schemes to negotiate on tariffs and possible issues surrounding them.

“We hope that the medical schemes will now join SAMA in pushing for a new era when provider groups and funders can engage positively on pricing requirements,” said Mabasa.