Note from Wayne

Hi Ed

 I was spending some deserved time on holiday with my family down in the Eastern Cape at a place just outside East London call Glen Navar.

I turned on the radio one morning and tuned into Radio Algoa. I listened to a voice reciting a story. Even though tuning in midway, I found myself drawn to the message as well as the voice delivering such. I remember leaning across to my father in law and expressing that I knew this voice as a teacher and friend of mine at the time.

Once Lance du Plessis had extended his thanks to “Ed”, I knew it was you. I was taken aback to hear that you are ill, but at the same time motivated by your sincere, positive message and outlook to life.You are filling a necessary space with encouragement, spirit and hope that we all need to hear and experience. This I hope, in turn is helping others deal with the adversities that only life can dish out.

Thank you for making my day and for giving me and others the inspiration and courage to journey on. My family and I will follow your journey with optimism.

Regards Wayne, Cathy, Matthew and Warren


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