What God’s Constant Love Does

“His constant love fills the earth”.  Ps 33:5 GNB

What makes the world go round? Is it the sun, the solar system, the movements of planets, the stars that are millions of light-years away, or something else, something maybe that is even beyond all that? Can it be that the idea we have always held about God has been inadequate and that we need to expand it because our God has been too small for our idea of the world? And why is the system we live in, (seemingly the only one that supports human life), so favourable to human beings? Why does the air we breathe have the right amount of oxygen, and the earth produce pleasant foods? Why does the revolving of the seasons and the fact of rain and rivers provide us with water and an ecological system that sustains our existence? Why do our bodies have a tendency to heal after illness?

The ancient Hebrew poets didn’t ask all these questions of course. They had a simple all-purpose answer. “God’s constant love – his grace – fills the earth”. It was God’s love that made the world go round and that favoured human existence, survival and improvement. Whilst there were negative forces that threatened and endangered life, they were always, eventually overcome through the power and love and reliability of God.

God’s constant love still fills the earth. We may have discovered scientific categories with which to classify and describe it all, but he is still in it and he still sustains it. And it still “makes the world go round”, providing us with all the structures that support human life. And Christ is still the fullness and embodiment of that constant love we normally call grace.

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