Just One moment in Time

Each day I live, I want to be a day to give the best of me

I’m only one, But not alone.My finest day Is yet unknown.
I broke my heart, Fought every gain To taste the sweet.
I face the pain, I rise and fall, Yet through it all This much remains…
I want one moment in time When I’m more than I thought I could be,
… When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away, And the answers are all up to me.
Give me one moment in time When I’m racing with destiny. Then in that one moment of time I will feel I will feel eternity.

(Whitney Houston)

Help! A Zelda le Grange needed ….

I’m in urgent need of someone to help me on a daily very part-time flexible basis with admin, diary, accounts, liaison, etc etc ……

Computer literacy and patience of the highest order required!

Send me your details if you are interested – or if you know someone who may be able to help, please send me their details.

email eds@tiscali.co.za

cell: 082 496 0874

Song of the Week: Sprokie vir ‘n Stadskind

 Sprokie Vir ‘n Stadskind (Koos du Plessis / Theuns Jordaan)

As die reen van stof en roet verby is
en die rook verdwyn
Sal daar in die sterrelose hemel
‘n neonboog verskyn

En kyk maar goed,
want as jy hom vind
vertel ek vir jou ‘n sprokie, my kind
van ‘n skatkis met ou kettings gebind
aan die neonboog se punt

Volg hom elke nag langs swart riviere
oor kranse van beton
As jy aanhou stap
tien duisend ure
sal jy dalk daar kom

Maar hier moet jy jou nimmer laat bind
want so lei die ou, ou sprokie, my kind
As jy geluk en vrede wil vind
soek die neonboog se punt

Volg hom elke nag langs swart riviere
Kyk nie eenmaal om
Dalk vind jy die land van blou safiere
En dalk ‘n brokkie son

My very loose English translation:


When the rain of dust and soot has passed by

And the smog has gone, 

There’ll be in the starless heavens

A rainbow to look upon.

And look so well

‘Cos when you see it,

I’ll tell you a story, my child, a bit

Of a treasure chest shackled with chains so old.

It’s the Rainbow’s Pot of Gold!

Search for it each night along black rivers

Over cliffs of concrete.

If you keep on walking

Ten thousand hours,

Perhaps you’ll get to meet.

But, here, don’t force yourself to bind

Because, my child, it’s this story of old:

If it’s peace and joy you want to find –

Search for the rainbow’s Pot of Gold!

Search for it each night along black rivers

Don’t look back – not one.

Perhaps you’ll find the land of blue saffires

And perhaps a little sun.