Help! A Zelda le Grange needed ….

I’m in urgent need of someone to help me on a daily very part-time flexible basis with admin, diary, accounts, liaison, etc etc ……

Computer literacy and patience of the highest order required!

Send me your details if you are interested – or if you know someone who may be able to help, please send me their details.


cell: 082 496 0874

6 comments on “Help! A Zelda le Grange needed ….

  1. Hi Ed, couldn’t help smiling when I read this, for around me is total chaos. I used to be so extremely organized, but I’m physically unable to get to the files and piles of accounts are no growing everywhere! Love, Sonja

  2. Hi. Ed!
    Have a friend based in PE. She is a book keeper by profession and works part time at this stage. Have sms’d her re your request. Her name is Heidi Edmunds. . She will call you.

  3. Oh Ed, you know I’d be there in a flash if I lived in PE. Would have loved to be your Zelda.


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