One Bad Thing leads to another Good Thing

I often receive emails, calls or visits from people who are in need of some or other assistance or help in their own lives. Just when I think things are bad for me, I meet up with someone who has it even worse!

I have come to realize that no-one has it easy. And I know that I don’t have all the answers. That often stresses me out even more – that I don’t know how to help or what to say.

But this I do know:

Many people have endured great hardship and have come through strengthened in their minds and deepened in their understanding of life and the world.

Illness, loneliness, imprisonment, civil strife, religious persecution, poverty, exile, torture and war have all imposed abnormal circumstances which have tried people’s patience, endurance and faith – sometimes to breaking point. Most who have come through alive have said, “I have got to know Life more powerfully through it all than when things were rosy”.

So never let your outward surroundings determine your inner mental state. Things can be more powerfully active in your life when the normal conditions appear to be adverse.

I have seen that in my own life since I became ill five years ago. I am humbled by the letters, emails, notes and comments that I receive from people, more often than not from complete strangers, who read my blogs and follow my radio broadcasts.

I am not so sure that my work as a mathematics and computer science teacher, or as a businessman, ever had a similar effect!

Christians believe that Christ saved the world from His cross!

Paul preached the Gospel from jail – and wrote some of his most profound messages, which have endured for all time and are documented in the Bible.

In fact, adversity is one of the strange ways in which the human being produces his most effective contribution to his fellow mortal in particular and to mankind in general.

However hard life might be to you, however many setbacks, difficulties and defeats you may suffer, things will not get better for you if you wallow in your plight and expect someone else to come along and wave a magic wand to get you out of the mess.

 Do the few things you can do, right now, to move away from your hopeless situation. Use every opportunity to improve your lot, increase your faith and prove to yourself and the world that you are worth more.


( Click on “Faith for Daily Living” on my blogsite if you would like to read more. My thanks to them for providing me with daily inspiration … )

“These were the worst of times and these were the best of times!”

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