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  1. My name is Merle Saunders and I live in Perth, Western Australia. My father was Angus Ian Saunders and I was searching on the internet for relatives in South Africa.when I happened on the following from your website.

    “That very next weekend saw us return and spend the Saturday evening with the Harris’s (lovely braaied pork from their piggery for supper) before we attended Jean Margaret Watermeyer’s 80th Birthday Luncheon at The Aberdeen Club, and got to see the Ogilvies and the Watermeyer’s and many other people that I have met in the Camdeboo region over the last 26 years that I have been privileged to have been able to visit here in the Karoo. (The Karoo is traditionally sheep and goat country – and some farmers also run pigs (herds, litters, droves …?) that appear to help with the cash flow in tough economic times, such as are being experienced of late).”

    I subscribed to your newsletter and have only just plucked up courage to ask you if you can help me contact Jean Margaret and John Watermeyer and their children. They were very hospitable when I visited their farm with my Mom in late 1989, My father was Angus Ian Saunders who was Jean Margaret’s uncle. I have lost all the information Jean Margaret gave me on our family tree on my visit, (They were traumatic times and I have moved umpteen times since then). I am so ashamed and wish to put things right.

    I would be so grateful if you can help.

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