Suffering and Success

Most of us think of success, which is what we want to achieve, being the outcome of favourable conditions, determination and skill. Sometimes there is a little luck as well. But the really notable successes are the people who can turn disaster or defeat into success. Sometimes they do it with suffering as well.

In The Bible, Joseph became the leading figure in Egypt despite all the injustice that attended his life. Indeed he turned his sufferings into opportunities for personal advancement.

The apostle Paul was able to turn suffering to gain on more than one occasion. When jailed, he held a prayer meeting and converted the jailer. When brought into court to be questioned by the king, he turned the courtroom into a church and preached to king and commoner. When locked in a dungeon to get him out of the way, he spent his years writing New Testament scriptures.

Do the same. Don’t let your disadvantages, setbacks and sufferings get the better of you. Use them. Convert them into advantages. Turn them into opportunities for doing some good.

(from Faith for Daily Living: see

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