Beauty and the Beast

©2012 Edward C. Lunnon

Tuesday 1 May 2012: 5 years 8 months on … Deuce

This has been yet another long weekend! Friday was a public holiday and today (Tuesday) yet another. The schools (and many people) took Monday off, too, so it’s been a break of 5 days for many! This break and the 4 day Easter weekend break that we had two weeks ago must play havoc with the South African economy.

But, who is complaining when, like us, you can head off down the coast to a magnificent place like Plettenberg Bay – just some 200 km west from Port Elizabeth.

We were off to visit our friends, the Bryants, there. The company was excellent, the weather was great and the magnificence of the natural beauty of the area is hard to beat.

There is the Robberg Peninsula jutting into the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean , the white sands of the beaches that encircle the Bay of Plettenberg, the luscious green lands and forests, the slightly darker almost black waters of the Keurbooms and Bitou Rivers and then the dark blue of the Tsitsikamma Mountains framing it all off against the light blue of the clear sky.

It is certainly a natural picture postcard – one that needs no Photoshop or touching up to enhance its splendour.

We truly have a beautiful country. And it’s quite ironic that we should be spending Freedom Day here. It reminds me just how much fighting has taken place and blood has been spilt in this country in order for it to obtain its “freedom”. Both sides of the racial divide and the political spectrum have given much in order for us to enjoy what we have today.

This evening we went to see the movie “A Million Colours”. It is a South African production and I guess appropriate viewing on this our Freedom Day and Worker’s Day long weekend. It graphically brings home the sacrifices that ordinary people have made and are making in this country and around the world in the name of Freedom.

The film is an inspiring true story of danger, adventure, romance, betrayal and redemption, set against the turbulent background of a nation in crisis.

In 1976, when the Soweto riots broke out, Muntu Ndebele was the star of the classic film, e’Lollipop.

This sweeping romantic adventure is about that then-most famous teen black movie star in South Africa.  As the stars of ‘e’Lollipop,’ he and his white friend lived the dream, until the crisis of a nation tore them apart.

He’s separated from the love of his life, becomes a fugitive and a thief, and struggles to survive the Apartheid regime.

I wondered if our nation has come out of its crisis.

The fighting appears not to stop. In Afrikaans there is a saying “Twee honde baklei oor die been en die derde loop daarmee heen”. (Two dogs fight over a bone and a third one walks away with it.)

Is that the nature of the beast with which we are dealing? As the ordinary, good people of this country try going about their normal daily living, the politicians continue with their fighting.

Quo Vadis?






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