ED is in week EnDing Mon 23 July 2012

5 years 10 months on … Advantage ED

  • Sun 15: Unpacked; lunch at Angelo’s
  • Mon 16: Rugby vs Buenos Aires School at Grey; Sean ref; supper at Old Grey
  • Tues 17: Visit from Sr Gill (Hospice), Annette Jones; Haircut
  • Wed 18: AlgoaFM (Loines lift), Charles Pautz at Bluewaters; lunch at Bridge St with Sean and Matt; supper (braai) with tourists from Liverpool
  • Thu 19: Visit from Nadine; watched Phil play rugby vs Liverpool; pizza build for supper with Liverpudlians; massage by Julian
  • Fri 20: Dentist to repair broken tooth; lunch with Sean at Angelo’s ; walk with Charlie on golf course; visit by Isaac
  • Sat 21: Rugby vs Daniel Pienaar at Uitenhage (Phil won 4th’s; 1st Team lost); 3 CD’s of photo’s from Bryants!
  • Sun 22: Spent the day editing Thailand photo’s; Thai-Ed!

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