ED is in week EnDing Mon 6 August 2012

5 years 11 months on … Advantage 

  • Mon 30: New cell phone for Sean
  • Tues 31: Visit from Sr Gill (Hospice); Eye examination by Dr Dean Barclay –  central serous retinopathy;  massage by Julian; Le Clos beats Phelps 200m Butterfly
  • Wed 1: AlgoaFM; Gym; Sean and I  watch Charlie T and Darron Mann walk on coals
  • Thurs 2:  Haircut; SA Rowers get Gold!; Guest speaker Rotary West @ PE Golf Club
  • Fri 3: Water problem in metro – supply pipelines from dams break; Visit to hydrotherapist
  • Sat 4: Rugby vs Framesby (Phil played 4th and 3rd team, both won!); Drinks @ Pavilion; Supper @ Stapletons
  • Sun 5: Sold “Rusk” to Tyler Botha; Gym


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