Katathani Here we Come (Thailand Day 11: Tuesday 3 July 2012)

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Patong Beach
Amari Coral Beach Hotel

Day to change hotels

Checked out at noon
Taxi to Katathani
Too early to check in
Walked around resort – viewed facilities
Checked in at three thirty
Started raining
Pre-drinks at the BP (Bryant’s Pad)
Supper next door at The Orchid Restaurant


I made the above notes (and those of Wed 4 July and Thurs 5 July) on Thursday 5 July. They were the only notes I made during the trip and up until now I have been writing as much as my memory will allow me to do.

The only reason that I started writing notes on Thursday 5 July is because it started raining on the afternoon we moved hotels (Tuesday 3 July) and didn’t stop for the rest of the time that we were on Phuket! So there was time to write …

I will add the following now:

We had planned to spend five nights at the Amari Coral Beach Hotel on Patong Beach and then a further five nights at the Katathani Pukhet Beach Resort at the Kata Noi Beach. The resort calls itself the “Shores of Serenity” and it is only about ten kilometres further south from Patong Beach on the western Andaman Sea coastline of Phuket Island.

For those readers familiar with Port Elizabeth, it would be something like moving down the coast from the bustle of Kings Beach to the more sedate Cape Recife. On the Cape Peninsula it would be like moving from Clifton’s Fourth Beach to Kommetjie!

Katathani is a beautiful large holiday resort and offers daily activities such as pool volleyball, aqua aerobics, water polo, Thai boxing classes, Thai cooking classes, fruit and vegetable carving, walks, dance aerobics, Thai massages, yoga and personal trainers.

The resort consists of two sections – a larger one on the beach and a smaller section at the side and facing but not quite on the beach. We were in this part, so we lost our immediate waterfront rooms that we had become accustomed to at the Amari and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach below us.

But that water sound that we lost was replaced by another water sound – it started raining heavily on Tuesday afternoon and did so intermittently until we left on Sunday. It was warm rain falling from the sky as if someone was just standing there regularly squeezing out a sponge. It curtailed our beach visits somewhat, but for the rest we just had to make do with activities in the rain – even as much as a busy game of waterpolo in the hotel pool in drenching rain when at times it was difficult to see in front of you!

Because we checked in late, the hotel gave us vouchers which entitled our family to free Thai massages. We made use of them on Wednesday afternoon.

For the rest, Tuesday followed the activities as detailed above.

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