Where’s the Good in Goodbye? (Thailand Day 16: Sunday 8 July 2012)

©2012 Edward C. Lunnon

Written on Saturday 25 August 2012: 5 years 11 months on … Advantage CBD

Tomorrow, Sunday, would see us returning to SA. It would be our “goodbye” day and as my ex-pupil, David Aldo (Abbate) sings from Los Angeles – “Where’s the good in goodbye?”

The Hell in Hello is there NOT being a Good in Goodbye!

In life, for every new thing, person, place, event; in fact, for everything that comes into our life and that we say hello to, there comes a time when we have to take leave of it – when we have to say goodbye. And it’s not always that easy to say goodbye …

And so Sunday arrived, and after breakfast, which started in beautiful sunshine and ended in rain, (what else could we expect by now!) we packed and prepared to vacate our rooms by noon.

The suitcases, not surprisingly, were more and fuller than those with which we had arrived!

Everything went into a holding room, and we were able to use a holding room ourselves, in order to rest and shower before we were collected at 18h00 for our return trip to the Phuket International Airport.

The scooters were returned, driver’s licence returned, last pictures taken, last take-away’s, last walk-arounds, last Thai TV, last naps … but it was not the last rain. The rain rained … and the brightly multi-coloured ponchos, which had served us so well, were scrunched up into little balls and left behind. All we would take with us was the cheap dye of the ponchos that remained on our hands.

We would have no further use for the ponchos – imagine us all driving around Port Elizabeth or Plettenberg Bay with brightly coloured ponchos on scooters in the pouring rain! That would be so infra dig!

One of the nice things of holidaying is that one can do things, and does things, that one would never dream of doing at home! What goes on holiday stays on holiday! All that remains there … and all that remains here are memories …

So, we remember

  •          the arrival at Phuket International Airport
  •          the wrapping of our cases and the checking-in procedures
  •          the wait
  •          the coffee spilt on Phill’s trousers
  •          the washing and drying of his trousers in the ladies and gents restrooms and the well-crafted logistics of this operation by Pera and Sean and Phill
  •          the late departure
  •          the rush through Bangkok International to catch our departing plane to Johannesburg
  •          the efficiency with which that rush was handled by the Thai ground staff
  •          our late departure from BKK at 02h00 Monday morning (Thai time) – 21h00 Sunday evening JHB Time
  •          the terrible trip back (squashed seat, no TV, storms, bumping, no sleep)

And, at 07h00 Monday morning, 9 July 2012, we landed, on time, at JHB – the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are Africans and we were home!

It was noon in Bangkok and Phuket – five hours ahead of us, but, paradoxically, all that was behind us now.

As in Life, all that remains are our pictures, our stories and our memories … the Legacy of Life – the Good in Good-Bye!

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