ED is in week EnDing Tuesday 28 Aug 2012


5 years 11 months on … Advantage CBD

  • Mon 20: Gardener; Not feeling well – lay down for most of day (first time since being ill)
  • Tue 21: Visit from Gill (HOSPICE); massage by Julian (not well for rest of week)
  • Wed 22: AlgoaFM broadcast; Gym at Humewood; Visit by Isaac; Cancelled Trivia Quiz at Grey
  • Thu 23:Men’s Club Meeting at Bridge Street Brewery; Nadine visit; Ivan Berkowitz visit; Lance Armstrong has medals stripped and banned for life
  • Fri 24: Lunch with Andrew Barton at Thai Restaurant
  • Sat 25: BuildaBurger at home; Springboks vs Argentina (draw); Death of Neil Armstrong (astronaut)
  • Sun 26: Gym; Finished off  Thailand blogs
  • Mon 27: Admin
  • Tue 28: Visit Sr Gill; Dallas after thirty years!

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