ED is in week EnDing Tuesday 11 September 2012

6 years on … Deuce

  • Mon 3: Visit by nurse; Massage
  • Tues 4: Motorneurone disease association meeting; new tyres fitted to car; walk; supper at CTFM with Botha’s; Dallas!
  • Wed 5: AlgoaFM; Met with Tommo re Soiree; Ingrid’s birthday visit
  • Thu 6: Visit to Nadine; Holy Communion with Billy Lindoor; Haircut; Jonathan Jansen meeting at Grey; govt lifts Fracking moratorium
  • Fri 7: Coffee with Annette and Liz; Rehearsal at Grey; Staff Soirée at Grey
  • Sat 8: Springboks lose to Aus; Watched Kevin Paul in Paralympics (silver);  Soirée till 3am Sun!
  • Sun 9: Braai at the Biggs ; closing ceremony of Paralympics
  • Mon 10: Admin work – income tax!; London Parade
  • Tue 11: Sept 11 – 11 years on; Visit Hospice Sister; Massage; Visit Isaac; Walk on golf course; Kevin Paul returns from London

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