ED is in week EnDing Tuesday 18 September 2012


6 years on … Deuce

  • Mon 10: Admin work – income tax!; London Parade
  • Tue 11: Sept 11 – 11 years on; Visit Hospice Sister; Massage; Visit Isaac; Walk on golf course; Kevin Paul returns from London
  • Wed 12: AlgoaFM with Gaby van Rooyen; Coffee at Bluewaters with Van Rooyens and Loines; To Port Alfred Lionel Hunt; supper at Guidos
  • Thu 13: Breakfast at Wimpy; return to PE; meeting with Robert; Grey Way concert; Dad’s birthday
  • Fri 14: Breakfast meeting with Kobus; Humewood Golf course; Supper and reunion with The Scholtz’s (including Lindsay and Jess)
  • Sat 15: Breakfast at Mugg with Seve; Springboks lose to All Blacks; work on blogs; flood at Santareme in St Francis
  • Sun 16: Lunch at Jutland Crescent
  • Mon 17: Been a very slow weekend; breakfast with Rory Duncan
  • Tue 18: My 56th birthday; hospice visit; coffee with Kevin Paul; massage; visit by Sumene, Rob, Wendy and Lesley