ED is in week EnDing Tuesday 25 September 2012

6 years on … Advantage CBD

  • Mon 17: Been a very slow weekend; breakfast with Rory Duncan
  • Tue 18: My 56th birthday; hospice visit; coffee with Kevin Paul; massage; visit by Sumene, Rob, Wendy and Lesley
  • Wed 19: AlgoaFM; Death of Peter-John Seach (Class of 88); Meeting with Loines, Kobus, Yvonne at Bluewaters cafe to discuss Walk in the Parks in Jan 2013
  • Thu 20: Visit by Nadene; worked on book for rest of day
  • Fri 21: Visit by Isaac; Lunch at Old Grey Club with Sean
  • Sat 22: Gym; To the Pointe (dance show) at Opera House
  • Sun 23: To St Francis Bay to visit Charles and Julie Nortje for long weekend; braaied; saw flood damage in Santareme
  • Mon 24: Heritage Day; return to PE; Stapes’s anniversary at Bridge St Brewery (postponed); gym
  • Tue 25: Visit by Janice from Hospice; walk on golf course; new cell phone; massage by Rob