From Dust to Dust …

©2012 Edward C. Lunnon

Monday 5 November 2012: 6 years 2 months on …

Physical:  Advantage CBD / Mental:  Deuce

Today, and the last few days, I have been unpacking boxes and throwing away.

Some of the box contents are personal papers; some of it is related to all my years of study; some of it is work-related.

Whatever it is: some of the box contents end up in a black bag; some goes into the fire; some is yet uncertain – just holding on to it for a little while longer; and, very little is kept!

Who wants it anyway?

Common to all of the boxes and their contents is dust and more dust …

It’s a lifetime of work and endeavour covered in dust and reduced to ashes.

It’s a time of life that comes to us all … dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

It’s  kind of sad that it should all end up like this!