Open Letter – from Kay, Daughter of Tokyo Sexwale

Subject: FW: FW: Brilliant, brilliant letter – please pass to all South Africans to read



Open letter by the daughter of Tokyo Sexwale.

Open letter to the surviving Rivonia Trialists

Kay Sexwale

Dear Ahmed Kathrada, Andre w Mlangeni, Dennis Goldberg and Nelson Mandela,

I greet you all in the name of the continuing economic freedom struggle of our people.

Your courage in fighting for the emancipation of our country is greatly appreciated.

I was fed ANC propaganda with my Purity baby food, but I believe the time has come

to consciously choose South Africa over the ANC.

The governing party, for many, is like a religion, followed by many without question or doubt.

Surely comrades, your sacrifices were not for a one-party, one-trade union state?

The time for a younger, patriotic and selfless leadership, like yours in 1964, is here.

The thinking public laments our bumpy transition from liberation movement to political party,

with some pointing out that a liberation movement has to be centralised and secretive while

a modern party in government must be influenced by its members and society,

and so be more transparent.

The loss of public trust through daily media exposure of the plague of government corruption,

which appears to be condoned by the ANC, is deeply seated.

The public perception is that the Mangaung leadership debate will boil down to who will continue

to allow rampant looting of state resources, the dangerous slippery slope of tribalism,

or who might make a difference.

Truth be told, the names being bandied about as top contenders are all synonymous with

the rot that plagues the movement.

The masses so loved by political party leaders at election time have taken to the streets

to voice their dissatisfaction.

Earlier this year, even middle-class a­rmchair critics put on their designer sneakers and

marched against ­e-tolling, also reportedly shrouded in corruption and an added burden

on our ridiculously taxed wallets.

In March, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa informed Parliament that between 2007 and 2010,

the most common reason for police crowd management of gatherings was labour-related

demands for increases in wages, and that unrest requiring police intervention was related

to service delivery issues.

Later in June, City Press reported that 372 protests related to service delivery had been

recorded between January and the end of May this year alone.

In 18 years of democracy, we can still blame apartheid for many social ills, but we must

also blame our leaders.

The disgraceful and shocking non-delivery of textbooks in Limpopo left me cold.

But the worst thing that broke the soul of South Africa during this fateful year of the

ANC’s centenary was the shameful Marikana massacre,

reminiscent of the Sharpeville slaughter.

It highlighted aspects of every ill plaguing black society under an ANC-led government:

police brutality, wage strikes, corporate greed, failure of natural mineral resource redistribution,

flawed implementation of black economic empowerment, violent crime, service-delivery failure,

including inhumane slum settlements, unemployment concerns and much more.

The man who shoved his way to the front, taking the reins of leadership in this sorry mess,

was Julius Malema, a spat-out child of the movement. In the space of a few days,

he single-handedly nullified what little trust I had left in the aging ANC leadership.

I was raised by courageous men and women, people like you, the Rivonia Trialists,

who now need me to tell them it’s time to let go.

The ANC has never been as self-destructive as it is today.

Cosatu, the ANC-aligned trade union federation, has driven the economy into free fall as

the failure of their collective bargaining strategy, designed to perpetuate the racist status quo,

is blowing up in our faces with one strike after another.

I’m waiting for them to stop blaming third-force right wing elements and take some responsibility.

And let me not get started on the recent madness of more than R200 million-worth of

Nkandla renovations, SAA’s R5 billion bailout and the relentless e-toll attitude of government.

In 2009, I took longer than usual to vote in the booth, agonising over putting an X next to

the face of a man I instinctively knew was bad news.

My love for the ANC won over my reservations.

In last year’s local government elections, I rebelled, voting for the ANC in my

neighbourhood and for another party in the city.

I am sure Joburg Mayor Parks Tau is capable, but my rebellion against a

President Jacob Zuma-led ANC began with that ballot paper.

To not vote at all in 2014, as many are threatening, will be to dishonour the memory

of my uncle, Lesetja Sexwale, and his many fallen comrades who died in combat for

my right to vote.

It will be to disrespect the struggle for which men and woman such as him,

men like yourselves, sacrificed their youth.

Personally, it will be a betrayal of little Kay who was badly injured in a cross-border

raid in Lesotho in 1982 when the apartheid forces were hunting down Umkhonto we Sizwe

combatants like my father and Chris Hani.

I don’t know who I will vote for. All I know is that Zuma will never again hold

office with my consent.

I know uncle Lesetja and uncle Chris would not view my choice as a betrayal

of their sacrifices. I trust that you won’t either.

I choose South Africa .

Sexwale is a media and communication strategist with an interest in

current affairs and post-apartheid experiences


143 comments on “Open Letter – from Kay, Daughter of Tokyo Sexwale

  1. I agree that the ANC does have a monoply over the vote that is so strong that most people know that the ANC will always win just as it has for the last 18 years. I am 16 years old and will be eligible to vote in 2014, which is something I was really looking forward to, but was shocked and confused when I read in an article that whoever takes over the leadership at Mangaung will be the leader of the country until 2017. I was appalled to think that it wouldn’t matter who I voted for in 2014 because the leaders were already decided at Mangaung, conference that is only for ANC members.

    In a democracy, one party’s internal decisions should not hold so much power over the whole country. The ANC has too much power in South Africa and when one party has too much power it is the first step towards a dictatorship.

  2. We knew that eventually educated people will come to the rescue, and make the right decisions for our belovered South Africa. Thank you

    • … just like has happened in Zimbabwe, which had a much higher standard of education when Mad Bob too over?
      Very sadly Hannie, the best evidence available in this region does not support your hope.
      That is why those of us who care must act now and not be passive – I sincerely believe that the upcoming election will be a critical milestone in the future of our country, and the biggest determining factor of the outcome will be the willingness of ordinary people to act on our convictions and not merely hope for the best.

  3. I applaud you…….but please don’t just now wite this letter and leave it at that…with your intelligence and integrity I’m sure you can do more about this situation .
    so proud of you.

  4. I got goosebumps reading that, and was nearly brought to tears! This country needs more people like you, who are willing to speak their mind for the purpose of empowering others and taking us all forward. You are an inspiration! I agree with Debz – you have the ability to do so much more with your inteliigence and integrity!

  5. as a foreigner watching since 1994 on the sideline but inside the country i can only applaud you for speaking up and i am hoping that your letter will bring others to think and gather strength to resist and fight for a true democratic SA… grandfathers experience in Nazi Germany should always be a warning to what happens when a political Party gains too much power and starts abusing the system….i hope lots of young South Africans will follow your example….

  6. A luta continua.
    “…media and communication strategist with an interest in current affairs and post-apartheid experiences”. Does that translate to ‘blogger’? 🙂
    Good letter, anyway.

  7. Kay, your objectivity shows integrity and wisdom. This letter is the thinking … of the thinking public of South Africa! Let this message prevail!

  8. My prayer is that there are more people like Kay in our beautiful country, who have seen the light in respect of how a handful of people are slowly bringing this country to its knees. This is not about race,creed or colour – its all about greed, lust & nepotism !!!!!!!
    Its time for change before South Africa lies in ruins.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 says it all .
    Its time to repent & change our ways !!!!!!!!!!!

    • I disagree and in the spirit of honesty and openness of the letter from Ms Sexwale will say it here. This ANC administration of South Africa is charged not with bringing the country to it’s knees, but failing to raise it up from the depths to which it had sunk. It is perpetuating a horror it fought so valiantly against. This is the point I think.

      • Oh you are so right!!!! From the depths of an inadequate education system, hospitals where people go to die for lack of care, streets where the navy stands by to assist motorists submerged in potholes, the Rand at it’s lowest level, Cost of living at it’s highest!!! Man, on which planet do you live Admin?

  9. Howzit Kay, thank you for your informed opinion. While I’ve never been a supporter of the ANC, I am one of the many white South Africans who chose not to flee this country following their democratically elected rule. We chose not to flee, because we love our country as much as the next South African. We love our people, and we love our culture and our differences. Of course there’s some (from all cultures) that hang onto the past and can’t move on, but I believe that the majority of South Africans are all looking for the same thing, which is to put past and current grievances aside and build South Africa back into something resembling the plan the great Nelson Mandela had laid out – before continuing from there to become what it is potentially capable of. Our country is full of artistic, technical and intellectually gifted people, so the sky is the limit if we could finally all work together towards it. Here’s hoping a person, like yourself, makes their way into power at the ANC and turns things around before it’s too late, because unfortunately most of those that are making the decisions for now are still holding onto those past grievances and/or their greed, and halting our transformation. I hope to share a wonderful South Africa with you in the future, thanks again for voicing your opinion. It’s food for thought for a hungry, growing nation.

  10. If more young and dynamic South Africans speak their mind like this, and put some action behind words like these. We will be a different country in just a few years. Very proud to know there’s people like you out there….!!!!

  11. Kay, you are voicing thousands of citizens’ frustrations in the abuse of power we see today. As an white Afrikaner male, I am convinced that good will drive out these exploiters and that our democratic nation will stand up and halt the cancer that is driving us towards the brink of no return. You will be surprised how many people of all races in this country cannot wait for a moderate, selfless and constitution-abiding political party to challenge the rot in the current regime. There are still some leaders in our country that can make the rainbow nation work as it was planned by Madiba and De Klerk. Please stand up and be heard by the needy and hungry – promise to distribute the wealth to those that cannot survive without it, and bring law and order back into the streets. Punish crime and corruption, and reward honesty, effort and initiative! If you promote these concepts with passion and integrity, you will give the power back to the people of South Africa. Viva Kay Viva!.

  12. Well done. Perhaps you should enter the government.
    However, i have a question. How much longer after 18 years will the whites be blamed for the current situation.

  13. We need more educated women in positions of responsibility. The old African patriachal systems will destroy South Africa. We also need to lose this generation of politicians. They are steeped in issues that have never served the Nation. Bring on the next generation, quickly.

  14. Wow…what a letter….I am so glad that you are brave enough to echo the feelings of so many South Africans. We need more leaders like you. I am proudly South African and I continue to have faith in our country and it’s people because of your powerful & truthful words!

  15. Hi Kay.
    Thank you for this great letter. Please take a look at this page
    There is a letter to Tony Ehrenreich from a farmer. You should make contact with this man. We need people like you to help give hope to all South Africa’s children.
    Also look at a trial in Ethiopia handing out ipads with educational aps to children.
    Our future lies with the youth, an educated youth, even if they have to educate themselves.

  16. I believe that South Africa is following the same path as Zimbabwe, with leaders who have no respect for law and order or of the electorate who put them into power. They live for themselves and their own power and wealth. We need to have leadership that restores confidence in the rule of law, confidence for the investors in order to create wealth and jobs for our people, confidence in the honesty and integrity of our leaders that we are not ruled by liars and thieving corrupt officials and politicians who should be in jail. Look to Malawi’s new leader as an example of Selflessness, Zambia’s example of economic growth and investor confidence. Unless we as South Africans wake up and vote with our brains and not with our hearts we are a doomed nation. May there be more people like you to speak out about our failing political path and be able to make the rational decision to vote for our future and not for our past. Our children’s future lies in our hand whether we vote for more corrupt leaders because of our past history or we vote for real leaders who have honesty and integrity to take us into a brighter, honest and prosperous future. If we don’t change our course now, we will end up on the trash heap of failed states.

  17. A honest and open heartfelt words from a woman whose seen the results of 18 years of corruption. My question is….when are we as people going to stop looking to politicians for values and the good life we ALL so desire……..we need to look to Jesus……only with Him can we have the peace that surpasses all understanding…..when it comes to politics i have a responsibiity to get my voice hear….my x goes to the ACDP…..they openly recognise that with God will there only be success like everyone is hoping for….Lord in Jesus Christ name i pray, send us out with confidence in your word, to tell the world of your saving acts, and bring glory to your name. Amen.

  18. Dear Kay,
    This is a couragious letter. Weldone.
    I have never voted for the ANC and never will. Like you I choose Souith Africa and not a political difunctional party. Your choice is indeed your privelege.
    I’m encouraged to see that the youth is waking up. ( Our president worshiping his forefathers is bringing agony and disaster to this beautiful land.)
    3 Disasters in fact.
    Take care Kay.

  19. Dear Kay. Having you fight for South Africa is the same views of million South Africans. I left apartheid where is was supposed to be left 1994. But the ANC never makes us forget that era. Day after day and year after year its the same old same old and its just getting more tiring. You have my vote girl. Go make us South Africans proud. You have millions behind you.

  20. What you sow, you will reap. Listen peoples of South-Africa, because you will not escape the wrath of God in any other way. Repent of your sins & seek the face of the living God. On account of all your sins, God will punish you & still His wrath upon you. Verily, verily, no sin polluted soul shall enter God’s kingdom.

  21. An amazing letter from an obviously amazing young lady. As a white loyal citizen of this beautiful country, I wish with all my heart that this letter could be read by the millions of young people out there that have young families to bring up and educate. Having been around for many years it is so sad to see and hear the many problems abound in SA. Health, education, safety, municipal services, it goes on and on. The powers that be need to stop filling their pockets and think of the millions being used for renovations to Mr Zuma’s house, what a travesty of waste!!! Can u imagine what that amount of money could do! Lets get together and make our beautiful SA the place that it can be for everyone.
    I admire you Kay, well done and we are all behind you.

  22. Kay I felt your heartache and deep disappointment in your missive. I feel the same but it’s time to let go of the grief and for us all to work towards a country with leaders of integrity. It should start with people being educated to vote with their heads and not their hearts. Let’s use our hearts for hope and our heads to vote.

  23. The commentary in this bog is irrefutable but I wonder if many of those offering their congratulations would be quite as happy with what I suspect would be the author’s own preferred economic policy.
    To deliver on the commitment to the vast majority – housing, education and health – a far greater social and financial intervention is required. To be sure, diverting the billions being siphoned away by corruption back to service-delivery projects would be a start, but even that amount would fall short. And nor would it satisfy the demands of a very large constituency for the re-distribution of land.
    Corruption is the manifestation of a society struggling without leadership or a longer-term vision. We still, as a whole nation, need to get behind the restructuring that is required to bring us to the forefront of a global economy, able to satisfy the aspiration of millions and millions of the economically disempowered.

  24. Thing is, Kay departs from a privileged position in SA society by virtue of BEE to just ANC leadership which was a travesty to start with.. No amount of personal convenient rebellion against that status quo will alter the course of events up ahead where the downtrodden will rise in much the same manner as did the millions in the Arab Spring. And I suspect that reality is to be sooner than later.

  25. the monster that the ANC made has come back to eat it….. wanted folk educated…. sure….now that they are educated they realise that they are cleverer and wiser than most ANC politicians and have seen all the chaos and corruption that is taking everything away from them…NO NO NO we dont want that… we want what we want that education has taught us…

  26. Dear Kay, you are made of the same stuff as Madiba and his fellow Defendants!
    It is time for you and your generation to do as they did and put the Country and her people first. Be fearless! And when you are done, you will have created a Government and a Country you can once again be proud of. And you will find you’ll have done the same for the Party.

  27. Dear Kay, What a wise young lady you are with much insight into the plight of our beloved South Africa as it stands at the moment. I am so proud of you.

  28. You lot have your heads in the sand–no sooner the next bunch gets in they will start the rot all over–just like what has happened in the rest of Africa–and if you think SA will be any different well then get a refund for your schooling as it did not help you

    • So being negative and letting it be will serve anything? “Selfbeskikking” sounds nice, but isolation can become HELL…

  29. At last, a voice of morality! Thank you kay. Lets be SOUTH AFRICAN, instead of colours! Lets stand TOGETHER, for what counts!

  30. In order to honour the ‘Struggle’ for democracy, it should be illegal NOT to vote – however at the bottom of the ballot paper should be a box named ‘None of the above’ in which a legal vote could be cast.

  31. Absolutely brilliant. There are many who feel like you. If only there was a way to get those in power to open their eyes and ears before the JuJu alternative takes over. This will happen if an alternative with your vision does not rise and rise quickly to lead this country into a new direction.May God be with you Kay. May His blessings follow you all the days of your life.

  32. There are very few, if any, cases where a revolutionary party has made a good government (USA included) and none at all in modern history. The ANC helped make a transition in this country that was a pleasant and surprising contrast to the civil war that would otherwise have been inevitable. But Kay’s comments on what the current government should look like and behave like are absolutely spot on, and none of what we so desperately need in our leadership today is evident at the top of the ANC. It is no wonder that they require unquestioning disciples, because the questions that need to be asked have no answers from this government. Until they show that they are ready to actually tackle corruption and crime, they do not rule with my permission or support either. Kay… go girl. You have a forum to be heard.

  33. I cry for what is going on in that beloved country … But I salute you Kay Sexwale for standing up and voicing what so many are afraid to.

  34. Kay Sexwale is indeed a very intelligent and lucid thinker. But, before the rich (and whites in particular) feel they’ve found themselves a patron saint, they should become aware of Kay’s basic political tenets. She is adamant that the stolen land should be given back. In this regard she shares the same view as Julius. Yes she’s disgruntled with the ANC, and she’s outraged by the governments poor performance. She stands well left of the moderate middle aligned ruling party politically and is in support of all radical initiatives to emancipate the economic plight of the poor. This is not a criticism of her ideals, on the contrary, but her letter doesn’t convey all her views (obviously) and some of the gushing responses from the enthusiastic elite might be more tempered if they knew more about her.

  35. Ag here my hartjie jy sit somer n traan in my oog! Putting a tear to the eye. Thank you for reinstating hope for me in the country I love so much!! And I am sure uncle Chris and Tata understand and appreciate this open letter.

  36. My mouth hanged open reading this , wow you have said it in the most clearest way . I was always concerned that it would be accepted by the young generation of educated South Africans .
    Most eloquently said

  37. I completely agree with Wayne and Ian. Ignorance or acceptance has become the motto of the South African people and most of them don’t even realise it. Education to the masses, yes, but what quality of education? An education policy that has changed and changed again, books that are not delivered, Crime, Corruption, Rape, Poverty, Infrastructure, Health services all of which has deteriorated.
    Wonderful Kay for writing this letter, how inspirational, but I believe it is but a drop in the vast ocean.
    There are some very privileged South Africans who have been proud supporters of the ANC government over the years. They can however afford to send their children to private schools, live behind 2 meter high eclectic fenced walls, and ultimately escape to a foreign destination with British passport firmly clasped under the arm or safely in the Gucci bag along with the rest of the BEE beneficiaries. But what about the rest of South Africa?
    One letter is not going to cut it!

  38. Interesting that The Star says she is the “feisty niece” of Tokyo???….not the daughter?? The article above refers to her as the daughter….clarity???

  39. Kay, you are just pleading for another dispensation which will carry on with the mayhem in the country. All that is going to change are the photos of the incompetent so called leaders in the papers.

  40. I find it interesting that there is an absolute absence of posts from other like minded black South Africans …. all the support seems to be coming from whiteys – makes you think …..

  41. Actually Tokyo Sexwale is her uncle, the youngest brother of her father Mat Sexwale – wish these people would get it right – but then it wouldn’t be as effective to say “open letter from Kay Sexwale daughter of Mat Sexwale”. Still Ms Sexwale’s thinking should be applauded,

  42. ” who died in combat for my right to vote.”
    78% of the whites voted yes in a referendum so that black an other ethnic groups can vote !! Do not for one moment think people got voting rights because they won the war,,,do not misjudge the truth about the War …’Bush War”….. YOU DID NOT WIN IT. Respect to your fallen comrade fighters, but again a lie is promoted.

    If Mr. Julias drop’s his attitude against the whites .we will help him to become the greatest leader in Africa

    Unfortunately he openly denounces whites and is pushing the country to a racial and ethnic war.

    We do not want war…but we will defend ourselves and we will stand behind a leader of a nation…not one that calls for war on whites !!!

    • 28 Nov 2013
      An interesting point regarding the “referendum”. I was one in the 78% but was amazed, just recently, that people I spoke to did not remember it. I was trying to find out exactly when it had taken place.
      Whenever I see “shacks” I think of all those millions spent on Zuma”s place. All those people who vote ANC and get “zilch” in return.
      I’m not too sure about Juju. Would he ever be able to change?
      I was told a short while ago that once Nelson Mandela passes (God bless him) the whites must expect trouble, can you elaborate on this?

  43. CHRIS
    The only difference between the apartheid government and the ANC is that the previous lot first paid everything to keep it going well and then stole what was left. At least the education , hospitals , services ran smoothly .

  44. What an awesome, honest insight from an upcoming young leader. I, as a white older female respect your views and agree wholeheartedly with everything you have penned and that it is time for the aging ANC leaders to move aside for honest young leaders, with integrity, who puts South Africa first, like you of which there are many in this stunning country of ours. Keep going Kay!!!

  45. Well said Kay, it is very refreshing to hear that people are becoming discerning and wanting the best for the country and not just voting ANC because that is the thing to do or you are a traitor. We all want whats best for the country so we all need to think it through and vote for those who will make it happen. Thanks!

  46. At the heart of the matter is the soul of South Africa our birth place, it super seeds politics and Yes we must recognize our common origin, if we all knew the truth about where we came from, issues of race would fall away. I recognize my African heritage and my roots. DNA tells me that we are all from central Africa.

  47. Ed,

    I get your intention for disseminating this letter but I think you may be misguided.

    It may be worth considering that along with the corruption and nepotism that seems synonymous with Africa there is also a deeper darker undercurrent of rampant globalism at play. Such is the case throughout the world so no reason why it would not be so in South Africa.

    Globalism seems a great thing until it is analysed for what it actually is. The ultimate aim of globalism is the establishment of cheaper and cheaper labour resources until it can no longer be denied that what this actually means is the desire for slave labour. You don’t have to look far to find current examples of this across the world; China, Bangladesh, India etc.

    Globalism is the global reach of capitalism across the planet so by extension it is also the use of said slave labour to achieve the ends of capitalism which as we know generally only benefits the privileged few; the global elite if you will.

    Now as with most business there is the requirement for the greasing of palms along the way. The incumbent government (or susceptible parts of it) simply acts as an enabling mechanism for this pervasive, rampant globalism/capitalism and in turn various palms are greased, thus two privileged parties (not political parties I hasten to add, this sort of behaviour is impartial and bipartisan) continue to enjoy privileged status. The status quo will remain as both have vested interests in it remaining as such.

    Now if you put the e-tolls saga under a spotlight it is not too difficult to boil it down to a litmus test for further, stricter control of the public. Globalism and toll-roads like this go hand in hand and they have been implemented all over the world in the last decade or so with no appreciable logic bound reason.

    It all ties into United Nations Agenda 21 (or ‘sustainable development as it is referred to) which you would well to research if you are not already ware of it. This is a particularly nefarious piece of supposedly non-binding legislation. The aims of the programme are wide reaching and frankly not good for humanity.

    It is effectively the implementation of global socialism via the back door under the guise of environmentalism in some sort of demented modern day Gaia worship. It is a brilliant deception. It is nothing short of the ‘trickle-down’ implementation of a global control grid built by and on the backs of a global slave labour force which is used solely to support the continued privileges of the oligarchs and global elite in a planet with declining resources.

    UN Agenda 21 is generally not referred to directly but rather only alluded to via a number of common buzz words or key words which flag up potential Agenda 21 involvement: ‘sustainable development’, ‘smart cities’, ‘smart growth’, ‘smart meters’, ICLEI and many others.

    Agenda 21 specifically calls for the abolition of private ownership of land and vehicles as well as strict limits on personal travel (hello toll roads!).

    Generally the introduction of globalism results in the gradual but ultimately complete loss of individual national sovereignty in favour of a homogenous, rigidly controlled world….and there are people who will tell you it’s not part of a larger plan to create a global government. Good luck to them.

    This particular rabbit hole goes very very deep and has many branches. I urge you to delve into it instead of perpetuating ultimately pointless pleas by an incredibly privileged few.

    These plans deliberately take time and adhere to the tenets of gradualism (boiling frog analogy). Remember that the US and other countries are no longer defined solely by their governments. There are very powerful multinational corporate entities that pretty much act as a shadow world government. There is a fantastic Swiss study about the power they wield. See links below.

    It is for this reason that I find it both quite rich and frankly distasteful for the privileged relative of a super privileged member of the global elite to publicly decry the status quo implemented by fellow constituent members and/or abetters of the global elite.

    Demagogic letters are fine but action is the real truth of intent.

    Some further reading if you are interested:



  48. Well said and even moreso your courage to write this article….. I wish there were more folks like you who could also find the courage to stand up and put into print exactly how you feel. I have little doubt many folks black and white are so tired of all the corruption that is just become so dire that it is destroying the fabric of the country in so many respects. All the best and kudos to you Kay 🙂

  49. An interesting read from someone who never has or never will need ti worry about the next crust. Self indulgence therefore I’m afraid. But a good read.

  50. Bravo Kay bravo. Spoken like a true South African. . Your letter is like a perfect baked cake…..just ready to enjoy with a lekker cup of tea. You just made my day as I am ten thousand miles away from home SA. Bravo

  51. I wish however, to point out that Kay Sexwale is NOT Tokyo Sexwale’s daughter. She is the daughter of his brother Peter i.e. Tokyo’s niece! Tokyo Sexwale has got two children a daughter Gabrielle (named for himself) and a Son Chris (named for Chris Hani).

  52. Amazing, truthful and heartfelt letter, we need more people like you standing up for what is good and right! The current ANC is nothing more than a criminal mafia linked to overseas criminal interests. It has nothing to do with uplifting the poor, and has NO interest in building the future of the Rainbow Nation.

    Keep voting with your mind and your conscience, and SA will be saved!

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