The Old and The New

©2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Tuesday 1 January 2013: 6 years 4 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

Port Elizabeth-20121231-00096

New Year’s Day 2013!

Last night, we got all dressed up to have supper with Trish and Alan Stapleton and Trish’s Mom, Lane Stewart. We’ve done that many times over the last thirty years that we have known each other – from Young Street in Mill Park through to present-day Tucker Street in Parsons Hill.

Port Elizabeth-20121231-00098

So what’s new?

The fact that we got all dressed up to do it was new. It almost meant that I didn’t go because I really didn’t feel like getting dressed up!

The rest was old stuff:

The fact that I had double helpings of everything and that Stapes fell asleep way before midnight, and we were at home and in bed before the hooters honked and the fire crackers banged and the Auld Lang Synes were sung.

With the ending and starting of a new year many people feel that somehow things are different.

However, there is only one thing that is different and that is the date on the calendar! I am the same person I was the whole of last year.  

I, and you and the world, are no different when we woke up this morning.

I still have CBD. I still have old ideas, bad habits, wrong beliefs, resentments, grudges, fears and prejudices.

So maybe this New Years Day is a day to think about what needs to get thrown out – in myself, my wardrobe, my desk, my house, my garage.

It’s a day to start anew – to learn all you can about life and how to live it; to study more about whatever interests you and to learn how to use your time, manage your money and make the most of your skills and talents.

There is no better time to do it than today!

But it’s also a day to celebrate the past – the “Old Long Since” or “For Old Time’s Sake” that we sing about at New Years.

It’s been thirty years since I first came for my job interview at Grey High in 1983 and which was to see the launching of my first job and my move from the Western Cape to Port Elizabeth. We spoke last night about how computers have developed from what I had in my laboratory when I first started teaching Computer Science to where we are today carrying powerful computers around in the cell phones in our pockets!

When Phillip leaves school at the end of this year it will bring to an end that thirty year relationship with The Grey – firstly, as a teacher there and then as a parent of one and one soon-to-be Old Grey.

My sister Ingrid married Anton thirty years ago today. My haircut on their wedding photos tells the story that I had to get a special pass from Infantry School in Oudtshoorn to give my sister away. Congratulations to them on their wedding anniversary!

We remember all those people who have been with us on our travels and have made an impact on our lives. Some have left before us – just recently, days before Christmas, Dr Hendrik du Toit from George passed away. He was Gretel (du Toit) Wust’s father about whom I have written in my blogs and where I often stay on my many trips to Cape Town.

I first got to know them when I was a student at Stellenbosch and their home in George, No 21 Caledon Street, was always a home away from home for me both during my varsity days and my National Service Days in Oudtshoorn.

My condolences are extended to the Du Toit family on their sad loss.

I do not know where the Star of Bethlehem will take us on our travels this year. My journey with CBD wears us all down and slowly takes its toll on all of us.

I wish Pera even greater accomplishments in her teaching career at Grey Junior this year, Sean all the success he needs to get through those darned examinations at the NMMU and Phillip an enjoyable year of great achievements in his final year at Grey High.

To all of you, who continue to read my blogs, listen to my radio interviews with Lance and who support and assist me on this difficult journey, my sincerest thanks and best wishes for “a very happy new year”!



2 comments on “The Old and The New

  1. Happy New Year to you, Pera and the boys, Ed. Hope that 2013 will be a fulfilling one for you on the journey that has been forced on you, but one which you have embraced and found many silver linings in.

  2. Thanks Denise for all you and Roy do for us too. May 2013 bring you much joy and many conferences! ED and the family.

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