Never Give Up – Care Ministry

Saturday 9 February 2013: 6 years 5 months on …

Physical: Deuce / Mental: Advantage ED

Last Tuesday evening, I was the guest speaker at CARE MINISTRY, Port Elizabeth.

The organisation carries on activities which are of a philanthropic and benevolent nature, having regard to the needs, interests and well-being of the general public and in particular those people affected by HIV / AIDS.

My message to them was simple:

Life in all its facets that it presents to us is a GIFT. Whether we are a CARE-Giver or a CARE-taker – NEVER GIVE UP!

We watched this video of Arthur Boorman – thanks for watching it too:

Scans Scans 001 Scans 002

One comment on “Never Give Up – Care Ministry

  1. Dr’s err on the side of caution. Their advice, with all the good intentions, can be worse than an over protective parent as it is supported by a medical qualification (which in most cases, parent’s don’t have). The best advice I’ve had ever has is: “go out there and live your life” or I might have been a couch potato too for far lesser ailments. So, I say live your life, believe in yourself & quitting is not an option. A truly amazing story! I loved the sprint  finish.

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