Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)

Wed 19 June 2013
Advantage: common cold

I had a cold. I now have bronchitis. That’s not good news for someone with CBD.

So Charlie and I have spent the day in bed – watching cricket: SA vs England.

Charlie’s clearly bored! So am I – my brain remains too active and sharp. It just can’t control my body anymore. So my body is failing me.

Charlie’s body is fine. His brain controls his movements well. Maybe his brain isn’t as sharp as mine!

Guess we could pool our resources … Friends for Life!

One comment on “Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)

  1. How do you always manage to keep going forward despite all the ups and downs – I suppose it’s a case of ‘all things come to pass’ 🙂 I still remember this song from the Olympic games at Barcelona, Domingo singing , if I’m not mistaken – Amazing athletes competing together for a few weeks, then amazing memories for a lifetime! x

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