I am Breathing


Thursday 20 June 2013
6 years 9 months on …

Advantage Bronchitis!

It is somewhat ironic that, in this week of the release of the movie I AM BREATHING, I should get bronchitis – for the first time!

I am now in day 5 of not being well ..it all started on Father’sDay – Sunday. Hopefully I will be well enough to attend the premiere screening of the movie tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have personally watched the movie. It is not for the feint-hearted. And for a few moments I have allowed myself to think ahead of where this CBD takes me and my family. I get scared, but it kickstarts my coping mechanism. I won’t allow myself to dwell too much in the future.

There is still too much to do in the present – so I can’t waste too much of it.

A few of us in this life are selected to be the Neil Platts, some are selected as carers and helpers; and for the rest – the public: you become those people that we depend on to fight our cause and to help RAISE AWARENESS of our situation.

I hope to see you at the premiere tomorrow at 11h30 Old Grey Club Port Elizabeth.

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