Seven Lean / Fat Years and 87 000 hits


Sunday 1 September 2013 Spring Day!

Seven years on …

Advantage ED

I am extremely humbled that today, on the seventh anniversary of my living with CBD and the fourth anniversary of blogging, the number of hits on this site has exceeded the 87 000 mark. Last year this day we hit 50 000!

So, in one year, we achieved 37 000 visits!

My sincerest thanks to all my followers for reading this site, for returning to it to read even more and for the valued comments they make and emails they send me.

I am extremely humbled that, in this way, I have been able to raise awareness about Corticalbasal Degeneration.

Regards to you all!




6 comments on “Seven Lean / Fat Years and 87 000 hits

  1. Hi Ed,

    Very Best Wishes from the Strand, where I can see Mrs. Morgan pulling her hat…..err, I mean beanie way down over her frozen head, while more snow falls on the Hottentots Holland Mtn. range!!

    Keep strong and beating that awful illness, as you have been doing so positively. J !!

    Kind regards

    Jurie Wessels

    Life Member

    cell: 083 675 0702 office: 021 853 4939 fax2mail: 0866 150 700


    Also very proudly: a member of HHH Matric Class of ‘65

    • Thanks Jurie … Great hearing from Strand! ..Really appreciate you taking the time to write and the gud wishes …. We have had that weather here too,!! .. Will be in strand at end of sep …. See you then maybe …regards Ed

  2. Congratulations with all the hits! It’s great to hear your positive attitude after 7 years of battling this disease! On 6 Sept it will be 3yrs for me. Stay strong and keep up the fight!

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