Pipe Your Own Petrol

Tuesday 10 September 2013: 7 years on …
Advantage ED

I write this as the county’s petrol attendants have gone out on strike. They have joined the miners, the metal workers, the automobile workers, the ….. and so on!

In the meantime, I attended the Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer Convention at Mpkweni Beach Resort about half way between Port Elizabeth and East London.

I was invited to be the guest speaker at the convention gala dinner and award ceremony held on Saturday evening.

It was a return to the corporate world of work after having been out of circulation for eleven years! I was quite excited and did not sleep much on Thursday evening.

The topic of my address to the some 180 delegates was Never Give Up! The talk had also been videod previously in case I would not be able to deliver the speech personally.

All delegates received a copy of the CD – delivered to their room whilst the dinner was in progress.

I was touched and humbled by receiving a standing ovation after the delivery of the speech. I am elated that I was able to raise awareness of CBD to so many important and influential business people. There is still so much work to be done!

The video will be uploaded later onto my blog site and onto You Tube. My thanks to Caltex for funding the production and for permission to upload it onto the Internet.

On Monday I was home in my now familiar simple little cocoon …. as I tweeted “My ABC World …Alone with Barbara (our domestic helper) and Charlie ( our Jack Russel)”

For one weekend in a long time now, I was able to pump my own petrol again! I loved it!

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